My Chloe Bay Quiltet Black Colour is Fading and turning to Grey-Purple

  1. Dear Chloe Bay Quiltet Bag owners,

    After saving money for months and searching for a Black Bay Quiltet, I finally found one and bought it a week ago from the authorised Chloe shop in Copenhagen. Unfortunately just after a weeks use the colour started to be more like a grey-purple black and the handles are more greyish (actually the colour is coming to my hand and making it lightly black). I wanted a black bag and not a weird light grey-black colour which costs so much money. I find the quality of the colour very bad.

    Did anybody experienced similar problems? I would like to hear your experience before I contact the shop....

    Thanks for replying....Best,
  2. Horrors??? How can this be??? I have a black tall Paddy Shopper and have never experienced such a thing and I use this bag quite a bit too?

    Return and complain venomently.
  3. WoW - I just bought the black quilted Bay for my daughter for Xmas. Naturally I haven't given it to her yet and now I am worried???!!! That sounds horrible. Please let us know how you will resolve it. I think the Chloe company has to address this. I would definitely bring it to the shop's attention ASAP.
  4. Oh dear! I'm sorry to hear that. :sad:

    I'd definitely return it, if I were you. :yes:
  5. Thank you all for your understanding. I returned the bag back to the shop today and they were quite shocked about the colour fading only after 6 days of use. Luckily I'm one of their good customers. I actually have a paddy with great leather quality (however the small metals on the handles were weak and broke, so a shoerepairmen changed them and the bag is strong and still beautiful today). It's just very irritating to pay so much money and get poor quality items which are though great in design and I love Chloe :love:

    They contacted the Chloe office and I will be informed soon about the situation or will be getting a new bag. I'm just not sure if I dare to risk the same problem again. Maybe the creamy colour is better, I don't know.

    I will let you know as soon as I hear from the Chloe shop.

  6. To inform all Chloe Bay Bag interested ones: I got a new bag from Chloe after 4 weeks of waiting. The new bag was worse than the one I returned back. The leather was destroyed at the handles, corners and the colour was this weird greyish black again. The shop could see that the situation was ridiculous (I'm a very good customer of this exclusive shop :blush: ), so they payed my money back although they never do it. I didn't want to own another Chloe which I feel sad about it as I like their design so much :sad:.

    Now I got a new Fendi spy with excellent leather quality.....Best
  7. Wow- Feperi, that astounds me that you had such trouble with the black quilted bay. I am glad the shop were cool.

    I have several chloe bags and I think they are incredibly well made and durable. If you love the designs you should perhaps consider trying another Chloe style in another colour in future, because I am sure your experience is very unusual.

    Glad it was all sorted out in the end.
  8. I am sorry about your Bay...
    I have a paddington and a spy and would say the leather of the first is much better than the second's... Both styles are lovely, but i guess the paddy is tougher...
    Enjoy your bag and try again with a different Chloe ...:tup:
  9. Oh no, I'm so sorry that this happened to you :sad:

    Now I'm really afraid that this is a black-quilted-bay-problem - because I've just ordered one :confused1: Anyone here with same experience?

    ... nail-biting ...

  10. :confused1: This is very unfortunate for this buyer but no, this forum has not heard any complaints in this regard, except for this incident. I'm sorry but it makes me wonder about the store??
  11. I'm so sorry this happened to you!! I've had a Noir quilted Bay since the end of August and I have worn it to death. I took it sightseeing,am not afraid to wear it in the rain and have used it as a baby bag and generally beaten it about. It's only more beautiful than the day I bought it.

    I must say that the "Noir" Bay bag is not a true black to begin with. It is more like a very dark espresso-black. But it really shouldn't rub off and have bits off the corners!!

    I hope you find another dream bag. I haven't seen the Chloe Spring offerings;hope there'll be something to make our hearts beat a bit faster!!
  12. susieserb & QuirkyCool , I'm so glad about your answers! Now I'm impatiently looking forward for the Bay :love:
  13. Heck me too!!!!!!!!!! But not in Black? Perhaps another color and next year!
  14. yeah- I already have a gorgeous un-quilted bay, but the quilted bay does make my heart beat a little faster, perhaps it should be my next purchase- oh, or a heloise... or a betty... I guess I want them all!
  15. i finally chose a quilted bay bag against the elvire !no black left si i opted for the "chataigne" which i hope won't be a disappointment!!!it's on hold and i hope someone will help me out on this one...
    I can't wait...!!