My Chloe Bay is here but...

  1. Hi Everyone,

    My husband came back from Boston today with my first Chloe. The only problem is I like the bag but I am not in love and I am not sure why. She looks good, the leather is like butter but I am not getting is that WOW! feeling I feel I should have when you get a bag like this. When I look at the picture below I think that's a nice bag but when I hold it and look in the mirror I am underwhelmed. Plus I can't tell my husband because he would KILL me if he knew I didn't like the bag after he spend so much $$ money on it. Also, I live in Denmark and he bought the bag in the States at NM, so I don't think there is a chance to return her.... Thanks for letting me vent maybe she'll grow on me.... I

    Non-quilted Bay tote in camel:
  2. Well it is a big bag but didn't you want something of this caliber for your babies?

    If that's the case the is bay will be ultra functional and fabulous looking plus grow with your family's need, seriously for years to come.

    I say put it on and wear it with pride because it is a gorgeous piece. Are you a small woman?
  3. awww, Katieboo, I'm so sorry you are not in love with your bag. :sad: I think it's gorgeous!!!

    Funny, I had the opposite reaction. I saw the Camel non-quilted in an NM display and didn't think too much on it until I tried it on and then yowza:nuts: - I loved it on!!!

    Why don't you give it a try, take 'er out for a spin and see?

    Good luck! :flowers:
  4. I loved my Quilted Bay too. It breaks my heard that i have to sell her- but seriously, if you are not in love you really should call NM and ask for any assistance in returning it. Perhaps there is a European store you can return it to. If not, definitely consider eBay so you can put the $$$ towards a bag that DOES melt your heart!

    Of course I should say that when I got my Balenciaga City- I was underwhelmed at first. I kept it and just looked at it for a few days, then finally i mustered up the courage to just give her a spin! And you know what- it is now one of my most favorite bags of all time! Sometimes you just need to spend time getting acquainted with the bag before you fall in love! BUt if it doesn't happen, sell it!
  5. I am a petite woman- 5'3", 115lbs. but I have other big bags. I don't think size is the problem. It IS a good bag for my stuff plus my son's things. I acgree 100% that it is a nice bag, I don't what my problem is. Maybe I am in a mood. I will say my husband came home early this morning and I tried the bag in my pajamas right out of bed and I haven't done much with myself since (we are leaving on a trip tomorrow so I have been doing things around the house) Maybe I need a shower, a new outfit and my perspective will change. I appreciate the support though! Thanks Ladies :smile:
  6. Oh~ Is sad that you have to sell it. I've seen this and it looks very pretty IRL. I really like the colour... but if you are not in love with it, sell it and get another bag you like :yes:

    Give it a try before you sell~ See how it goes!!!
  7. I absolutely love that bag but if you don't feel the connection you should find another bag. I got a Chloe Ascot bag on eBay that I just fell in love with the photos and was so excited and then it came in the mail and I didn't have any "Wow" with it. It's still in my closet and I'm debating if I'll sell it on eBay but every time I look at it I think it will grow on me if I give it time. It's a hard decision to make. Good Luck!
  8. Gorgeous bag!! I've got the same in Moka...and not totally in love either, but I'm sure it will be "practical" as I have three children.

    I suggest keep it for at least a few days and see how you feel.

    BTW, it's nice to "see" a Dane here. I'm an Aussie (Tasmania) and my claim to fame is that I grew up in the same city as Princess Mary - only a few streets away actually!!!:supacool:
  9. I agree!!!:yes:
  10. I agree!!!:yes: Try to love it!!!
  11. I'll give it some time and I really hope my mind will change. I think it is a beautiful bag none the less.

    Nelstar- I am glad there was another who wasn't "WOWed" by the bag, though it would be nice if we were, huh? I with you that the bag will be useful with carrying lots of things too.
    I also think it is pretty cool that you grew up by Princess Mary. I am actually not danish just married to a Dane. I am from Hawaii. I really like the Danish Royal Family though. They seem so "normal" and loving. They are really loved over here by the people too.
  12. I am so sorry to hear that you are unsure about your bag, what a nightmare! I feel bad cause I told you what great bag it is!

    When I got my mousse paddy last year from NAP I was so underwhelmed- it was my first expensive bag and I expected a bolt of lightning to strike because of the price. I kept humming and hawing about sending it back til my husband got so fed up with me that he cut the NAP return tag so I had to keep it. After that I started using it and fell in love with it and have had so much pleasure carrying it.

    If this is not your first expensive bag, then that is a bit irrelevant. But if it is, bear in mind the idea of a bag costing nearly £1000 can take a bit of getting used to, which might be why you feel the way you do.

    best wishes x
  13. I'm so sorry to hear that Katie! I know how much you were looking forward to receiving the bay.
    But I agreed with the majority here. Take her out for at spin and see how you like her. It's a beautiful bag but if you still don't like after some time then you can always sell her on ebay or the danish site: trendsales
    My balenciaga day didn't 'wow' me at first but now I love her and she is one of my favourites! Sometimes it just takes a little time for the wow-factor to kick in.
  14. I love your Camel Bay :heart:

    I have the same bag in Black but must admit is a strictly business bag as it just doesn't suit my everyday style. I use it for business meetings and the like as it holds a lot and it looks fab with a suit. Mine is Black though so I am sure Camel would look great with a range of different outfits :yes:

    I hope you grow to love her :flowers:
  15. i think it's gorgeous and hope you will too once you start wearing it! i have a feeling you'll look great together! :heart: