My Chihuahuas Story<3

  1. Hello you guys! (= i am the proud owner of two Chihuahuas. I've gotten them both individually on two different birthdays. I got Bubblegum (male) on my 17th birthday and Gingerbread on my 18th birthday. I feel so lucky to have them with me! They are the most adorable and sweetest little angels i've ever met. (Sweeter than my boyfriend! ahaha) So, here are the pictures of them! Enjoy!

    This is Bubblegum:heart:

    Bubblegum Again:heart:

    Ginger and bubble

    BGGB again:heart:
  2. I know im not supposed to have a favorite, but Bubblegum was my first pet, he's like my soulmate, my heart and soul.
  3. Aww Little sweeties. Ginger needs a little dress!
  4. Lols i know right?! i saw this super cute plaid patterned dress that i think ill get for Ginger hehe
  5. aww they are too cute!
  6. Awwwww They are soo friggin cute! I :heart: Chihuahua's. My black dog is a long haired, shes awesome:smile:.
  7. What wonderful birthday gifts! I can tell you love them and they love you!
  8. Not fond of chihuahuas..but yours is cute! I like his color pattern!
  9. I love chi's :love::love: I have 2 and I love them so much. Chi's have such big personalities for such small dogs.
  10. That second pic is just precious!! I can see why you love them so much. :smile: Cutie chi's!
  11. Adorable!!
  12. So cute! Love the pics!
  13. Cuties.
    I had a Chihuahua growing up.
    Tiny was my best friend for almost 10 years.
    They are precious. Rub their bellies for me.
  14. omg thanks everyone hehe yes they are soooo adorable! i just cant get enough of them. im hardly ever around anymore. i've been spending a lot of my free time with my boyfriend. Sometimes i take Bubblegum with me. When im back home, i spend as much time as i can with them. They're are just SO precious!
  15. so adorable, I also have two chi's they are the best dogs. also love your juicy carrier.