My Chihuahua Blu is sick

  1. my 3 lbs chihuahua Blu is sick.
    This weekend he was fine , Last nite i guess our other Chi Neeki and him were playing(or fighting) while we were sleeping. they usually play(fight) about once a nite but last time it was like 5 times. it kept waking me up.

    so this am i took them out to go do there thing and eat. and Blu would not walk. He would walk but with his back leg up so i was ok Neeki bit him. so i brought Blu back into the house and let him walk and he kept falling.

    so when i went home during lunch time he was just lying on his sick ... he usually is rolled up in a ball but this time he wouldnt move. so i was petting him and he still wouldnt move. his eyes were half way open like he was sleeping and he was cold. so i cover him and tried to give him water. well i told DF to keep an eye on him and give him water.

    Here is a pic of Blu from a few years ago but his size hasnt changed :smile:

  2. Oh no T_T
    This breaks my heart. I hate it when my dog is sick.. T_T
    I hope Blu gets better soon!
  3. I am so sorry!

    Call the vet. Maybe they can figure out what's going on.
  4. OMG, any update on your doggie. How old is he? Is someone with him now? Did you take him to the vet?
  5. Oh poor baby... how is Blu now? Please let us know. My prayers your way...
  6. Blu is 4 1/2 years old. DF is with him. Df said he drank some water and he is still lying down but looking at him earlier. he said he is ok but i dont know.

    No havent takin him to the vet yet. wanted to see how everything was. but since DF said hes ok. we will see how it goes later tonite when i get home from work
  7. Thanks for the update... hope he's going to get better.
  8. Oh dear. I hope he will be well soon. I would suggest taking him to the vet though. Please keep us updated.
  9. Poor puppy, please take him to a vet ASAP.
  10. tiny chi's can easily break a leg bone or dislocate a hip joint while playing. he needs to go the vet.
  11. Poor baby. He could be just laying there because he is in a lot of pain. He really needs to go to the vet ASAP.
  12. Please take him to the vet.
  13. ^^ ITA, if there's a 24-hour ER vet in your area, i'd bring him there tonight...if it were my baby, i wouldn't wait 'till tomorrow...please keep us posted & let us know how he's doing :tender:
  14. I agree. Take him to the vet Asap. I hope that he feels better. :smile:
  15. I hope Blu feels better, Im sorry to hear about that, but please do bring him to the vet. Because of his size, he's very acceptable to getting very ill and its best to take every precaution! Best of luck and please keep us updated.