My Chevre Birkin :)

  1. Hi everyone, I just wanna share that I got my chevre Birkin!!! :love:

    It's a 30cm Cognac. The leather is Chevre de Coromandel, with palladium hardware. The color looks like a rich brown with orange undertones. Here she is!


  2. She's beautiful! I LOVE the color and the hardware compliments it very well! Thanks for the pictures....drool.........
  3. I thought some of you might be interested to see how this color looks like when compared to other shades. Here's a pic of the Cognac Birkin with my Ulysse agenda & Bearn wallet.

    The Ulysse is in Gold Togo, the Bearn is in Noisette Chevre Mysore.

  4. Thank you print*model! :smile:
  5. Wow,... **droowling*** :nuts: She's a knock-out!!!
  6. Thanks Baggaholic!! Your Blue Jeans Birkin will be a knock-out too when she comes! :smile: I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  7. Wow - what a gorgeous piece of art.....congrats and thx for sharing!:love: :P :biggrin:
  8. MY MY

    ------loss for words--------

    Can you please post MORE pictures? PLEEEASE?
    How does the inside look?

    I must say that it is my dream birkin!!!
    If I were to ever get a Birkin THAT is what I'd get
    Oh Gigi... you are so lucky to own such a beautiful piece. I'm sure you'll work that one for a very looong time!!

    You must be thrilled...
    (what a way to start a day~)
  9. Thank you very much Chicky!!! :smile:
  10. Wow, that's a beauty! Congrats! Thanks for posting it, and posting the other pieces so we can see the differences.
  11. Beautiful bag! thanks for sharing :biggrin:
  12. Congrats gigi!!!WOW!!! That's a beauty!!:love: :love: LOVE the color very much!! and the leather!!! just LOVE LOVE!!!!

    I think the 30 is perfect for me! 35 would be a little big I think!lol talking to myself he he..
  13. OMG!!! WHAT A BEAUTY!!! ENJOY IT!!!:love: :love: :love:
  14. Gigi,
    How did I miss this? I are very mature and calm about your new bags! Yo don't shout out with excitement.
    Very classy bag and very classy lady. I know that you will wear this bag well. (well, carry it well) I love it! I love your taste as well.
    You are an asset and a model forum member here. I am greatful to have met and shared your knowledge.

    Thank you so much and ENJOY!

    What bag is next for you?