My Cherry Blossom Retro Arrived - Pics!

  1. Canada Post delivered my Cherry Blossom Retro tonight and I am in love! :love:
    I can't believe how fast shipping was from Hong Kong (Let-Trade is incredible) and the bag is amazing. I examined every inch of the bag and it is perfect. It's like it was never used and it will be 4 years old in February. I am so glad I waited and passed on a few others that were in much worse shape.

    It's so perfect I am actually scared it use it. I am headed home to Edmonton for the next 4 days and I am dying to take it with me but the thought of handing it over to airport security for an x-ray makes me ill. I think I'll take my cerises speedy and and baby this one. I can't wait until my ban ends!
    Image00001.jpg Image00002.jpg
  2. woohooo! congrats...
    btw can i ask if u got charged customs?
  3. Ooooh congrats, it's gorgeous ! :yes:
  4. it's beautiful, congrats!
  5. Yes. It was only $25. I paid over $125 for my cerises speedy and $75 for my trouville so I shocked it was so low. I paid the most for this bag too!
  6. :party: Congrats :yahoo: for your very beautiful CB :yahoo:
    I love CB :love: And hope you would get Cerises Speedy soon :flowers:
  7. w0w so pretty :smile: congrats
  8. nice! love your bag!
  9. Thanks everyone! I'm on the LV high right now!
  10. OMG, it's so pretty..! :love: Congrats!

    Oh, the customs seem quite scary, though. Like, you won't know how much they are gonna charge you? What if it's more than what you are willing to pay? Is that really so strict for Canadian custom? I heard many people do not need to pay customs for theirs, especially if it's marked as "gift" or "used". :shrugs:
  11. Congrats.
  12. :sad: i don't like customs!!
    were your other 2 bags from let-trade too?
  13. They charge us tax on the price listed by the seller on the customs form. Some sellers will mark it as a gift or will put a lower value on it (as happened here) and the fee is much less. I never ask sellers to lie on the forms so when they do it's a nice surprise but I accept that paying the tax is just part of the deal.
  14. chanel princess: My other two bags were from ebay (one seller from Alva and one from the PF). They were my first non LV store purchases and it worked out great. This is my first LT purchase and I would not hesitate to buy more from his site.
  15. pretty! congrats...and thanks for not making us wait for pics!