My Chelsea Tote From Ebay Came Today

  1. I was so obsessed with finding this bag at a decent a good deal, just has a stitch missing on the handle, but hubby said that would not effect anything. Holds all my stuff, I will be using all my accessories that I have to match later. I know it is plain but it matches all my outfits etc
    I so need to move on from black.
    Now I have to move on to a new bag that I can be obsessed about getting..any suggestions....:graucho:
  2. Pretty pretty!

    May I suggest that you join the Carly movement like everyone else, including myself? Hehe LOL
  3. I love the hot pink interior!
  4. Well if youd like color I'd suggest a watercolor hobo. If you'd like to join us Carly lovers I'd like to suggest a med. Choco. cotton carly:graucho: Here are pics of mine;) By the way I really like your new Chelsea!
    Ebay Pics 277.jpg Ebay Pics 274.jpg
  5. Thanks for everyone that helped me find one, they know who they

    I Love the Hot Pink too.

    I would love a Cotton(?) Carly, but so afraid of it. Yours is gorgeous ...I love how pebbled leather holds up.
  6. Awesome! I am so glad that you were able to get one of these! Enjoy it! :yes:
  7. I remember you talking about this bag a couple of weeks ago.
    Glad you were able to find it.
    Congrats =)
  8. Love it and really happy you got one at a good price! How about a leather shoulder bag?
  9. So pretty I love the color of the lining!
  10. I got the turnlock satchel with a stitch missing. Was going to ship it to Coach to see if they will fix it.
  11. [​IMG]

    I have the top turnlock bag (hobo satchel??) and I love it. You can barely see it in the picture. It slouches and the interior is a yummy plum color like the stitching. It's VERY roomy and comfortable to carry.
  12. Love that bag, and that hot pink interior is just TOOO cute!
  13. Coachnut:

    I love your Chelsea Tote. That is a true classic. It goes with so much too! Congrats on your new bag!

  14. Love that bag..I could not find one, but heading to St. Augustine and Hilton Head outlets this week with DH...He has a business trip, I have a Coach stop to we shall see if there is indeed anything nice...This bag was in the outlets a few weeks ago and I missed out... Enjoy...
  15. Hi, the first time I went they only had Mahogony and I wanted black to be matchy matchy lol. Well I went back a few weeks ago and all they had was Diaper Laptop size totes..
    Have fun and good luck finding something you love.:heart: