My Chelsea Satchel is taking it's maiden voyage today!!

  1. My Chelsea Satchel is taking it's maiden voyage today!! I am so excited!! :yahoo: I am meeting my cousin today who is also a Coach addict to go look for a makeup bag. She is going to be so envious!! :p

    Do any of you "plan" what you are going to wear around what purse you have gotten recently? Please tell me I am NOT the only one!:nuts:
  2. Heck ya I plan my outfit around a bag if that is the one that I really want to use! I know you will get a ton of compliments on that great bag! Enjoy!
  3. I am glad I am not the only one who does that!! LOL

    I've all ready gotten tons of compliments from you ladies! ;)

    Hopefully I will get some from others too. hehe
  4. I always think of the purse 1st and then the outfit
  5. what a great idea !
  6. Me too!!!
  7. I wear whatever purse I want. I wear alot of black, brown, blue and green so my bags always match. Your new bag is gorgeous, women will be drooling around you! hehe :drool:
  8. :yes: LOL!! yup - mee too. I've even "had" to buy new outfits just to go with my new bags... (Chili Carly and Mineral Chelsea both required some new tops... :graucho:)

    Enjoy your new bag - it's beautiful!