My Cheapest H Reveal - Can Anyone Beat That? :)

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  1. Ok this is my cheapest H Reveal at £0.00 - I bet no one can beat that price on any of their H purchases! LOL
    IMG_0477.jpg IMG_0476.jpg
  2. A Hermes Fairy sent me a Karo, so I guess that was kind of cheap :biggrin:

    That's a cute elephant though!!! :yahoo:
  3. I wonder if H only produced these during the festive season - I saw many different one in their 2008 catalogue though and these cards look cute IMO maybe I should laminate it and make it a bag charm ?! :smile:
  4. How cute loveclemence.
  5. Cute!
  6. Not to compete, but......I scored some free Hermes items yesterday :yahoo:

    A sample Savon des Merveilles and a deluxe sample 24 Faubourg:


  7. Lovely ~ Thanks for sharing!