My Cheap Thrill, inspired by Miley Cyrus =P

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  1. Hi, everyone -- I'm a fairly new tPF'er, but have been obsessed with BAGS since my very first Prada Messenger in high school (a loooong time ago). I've since expanded my collection and count Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo, and very recently -- Bottega Veneta -- as favorites.

    Never one to knock ANYTHING that'll save me $$ however, I'm always on the lookout for cheapies but goodies. So when Megs showcased Miley Cyrus' The Sak Silverlake Convertible Satchel on Purse Blog, I was instantly intrigued. Cute, functional, and only $199?? I jumped on that baby!

    I found a coupon for 25% off (!!) on eBags and placed my order immediately. It came on Friday and I was thrilled!! The bag has a utilitarian chic look, and is super comfortable to carry around. And because of the incredible price -- I don't mind if it gets knocked around.

    I think Miley prefers to carry it as a satchel, but I like using the extra strap to carry it as a hobo.

    And yes, I totally know it's a Botkier copy (I own a Bianca too, btw), but I have no qualms about that, as The Sak's version has its' own unique details to distinguish the two.

    Without further ado, some action shots! Please excuse my atrocious bathroom mirror and background!



  2. Looks great on you! I find Miley Cyrus rather obnoxious, but I did note the purse. Very cute and functional.
  3. #3 Aug 10, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2008
    What a cute bag!! I like it better worn as a hobo also. I'm off to check it out.

    I just ordered it in white crinkle patent. I can't wait!! It is soooo cute!

    Actually your dark amber looks nice and smooshy. How is the leather quality? TIA :smile: At this price, I may get them both.
  4. Ooh, love this! I prefer it as a shoulder bag (usually a satchel kinda girl but the handles look wonderful as a decorative detail as opposed to a functional detail on this bag) too!
  5. I couldn't resist and ordered the dark amber too. I love the shape it takes on as a hobo. I can't wait and what a great price!
  6. What a great price!
    And it looks gorgeous!
    Nice buy!
  7. I have been carrying mine for a few days now, the dark amber color actually turns darker with use.
  8. Wow! Great purse and GREAT price.
  9. Nice and it is only 159.99 now
  10. Wow, that sounds like vachetta! I'd get the bag, but I already can't see the floor of my closet. :shame:
  11. love that bag! it looks really cute on you!
  12. looks great as a satchel and hobo. nice color!
  13. i have the same bag in cream! ordered immediately after i saw meg's post regarding miley's purse. gotta love the bag :tup:
  14. I really like this bag! I just looked and it's $199 though. If there was a sale price, I guess I missed it. :sad:
  15. Wow it looks gorgeous on you!!