My Cheap LOVE!

  1. [​IMG]

    I know this is cheesy, but I need a cheapy bag for Universal Studio in California. I didn't know I could have so much fun with a cheap bag. :yahoo:
    Now, if my Balenciaga would ever show up, I would really be a happy girl!:confused1:

  2. Such a fun print!! I've been busting my arse trying to find a nice leopard-print bag that isn't in the high-end price range but have failed miserably. I think I will be forced to copy you! LOL. Congrats!
  3. LOL! Cute bag! love the pink & leopard.
  4. It's not too bad. I love your accessories.
  5. Thanks guys. Lindalou, check your pm.

    I may buy some more, just for the beach and such. Can't go wrong for under a $100.
  6. Love your bag! I think it is perfect for summer trips.
  7. How fun! Love the leopard!
  8. Betsey Johnson makes fun , inexpensive bags.. I love the leopard! I have been debating on that myself as a beach bag
  9. It's cute!
  10. very cute, congrats!
  11. One of the first designer bags I bought was this Betsey Johnson Paperdoll laced up tote. I think it is a wild, fun bag and use it during rainy days and for the pool.

    Her bags are crazy and make me smile.
  12. Love that print!!! And it's a cute shape bag too. So great to find love cheaply.
  13. Cute bag! I love leopard print!

    I tend to think that there's nothing wrong with buying an inexpensive fun handbag if you love it!
  14. I say go for it! I can't believe even the cheap ones are sucking me in. I am lost in the black purse hole!:graucho: BJ's site is delicious. I love her funky side:nuts: