My Chartreuse has a sister....

  1. As you may know, I tried to convince myself to like Black Birkin since it's classic, stylish and timeless. I got a chance to acquire Black 30cm in both Clemence and Togo and I turned down both of them. Black is still on my mind but somehow I can't put down the money. Maybe Chevre might do.

    Setting Black aside, I'm fortunate enough to be offered Gold 30cm Togo. I went to see the bag and I jump! She looks so right for me. My SA was even more excited than me. I felt sooooo guilty to buy 2 Birkins within the short period of time but I can't help it....

    I think I should stop thinking about Black for a while and start enjoying the Gold. I still love my Chartreuse as well! :yahoo::yahoo:

    PS: My Gold stamped K for 2007 but she comes in orange dustbag. Not sure why.....

    Thank you very much for letting me share and I'm sorry for bad photos.... :heart:
    IMG_2139.JPG IMG_2145.JPG IMG_2140.JPG IMG_2142.JPG
  2. Yum yum yum yum yum!!! Congats on your beauties.
  3. You're going to love your Gold Birkin, luvpurse! And she has such a pretty sister.
  4. beautiful, beautiful!! love her!!
  5. Congratulations, luvpurse! :yahoo: There's no doubt that a gold Birkin is one that you'll reach for over and over again. And she looks so wonderful sitting next to her chartreuse sister.
  6. Oh how gorgeous and classic! Congrats!
  7. Lovely, they are just gorgy. Congrats!!
  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS!!!! Watch, luvpurse, you will reach for this gold beauty over and over and over again!!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! Wise and wonderful decision!!!!
  9. wow congrats!! so gorgeous! what a pretty family portrait!
  10. Gorgeous...going w/ your heart...a fabulous decision...
  11. wow wow wow luvpurse! congrats! i need a birkin sister for my chartreuse :girlsigh:
  12. luvpurse, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    We now have a twin birkin! Gold Togo with PHW is a fab combo! I am sure you're going to use it very often!!!! Enjoy and wear it in good health! Yeah! :yahoo:
  13. Beautiful new sister for chartreuse - and she is one stunner! Congratulations
  14. woo I love it!!! what a beautiful sibling ms chartreuse got! just gorgeous!!!
  15. Congratulations!