My Charms bag

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  1. The picture does not do it any justice, it is a beautiful bag. The leather lining inside is sooo soft. I love it!

  2. It's adorable...I saw the purple one on elux and havn't been able to stop thinking about it...I love the color of this one
  3. Wow! pretty! your so lucky to grab one!
  4. Very pretty! Is it canvas with plastic on top?

    Enjoy it! :smile:
  5. Very nice!!
  6. it's fab! enjoy your bag!
  7. Thanks! It's silk canvas covered by crystal vinyl.:lol:
  8. Very cute ! Are you considering anything else from the charms line ?
  9. Thanks!

    Maybe another Pochette in white. My store only had the Pochette and the Musette in stock. I'm not too fond of the Musette. Hopefully, my store will get the other styles in so I can see them IRL.

    I want the cles in taupe, for sure. ;)
  10. omg i totaly love it now.
    Is it true that you have to buy the handle seperetly?
  11. The strap? It came with the bag. I think it's included. Hee hee. :amuse:
  12. It's So Beautiful! ENJOY!
  13. At first I didn't like it but looking at it IRL, it's purdy...! congrats!
  14. i bet its gorgeous in person!
  15. That's such a good color for the Charms line...