My charm/key fob collection!

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  1. Here they are! I gathered them all up for a group shot and that's when I discovered that the turtle is missing.. I still can't find him but I'm not giving up yet...

    The other not in the group shot is a key fob I have hanging in my car. I took an action shot :p

    I want to add to my animals. I want the lion, bee, monkey, and toucan:smile:
    IMG_0719.JPG IMG_0750.JPG
  2. Great charm/fob collection! You have some of my favs!
  3. Wow!!! Love the Owl, Elephant, and Skull!

    And the flowers are soo cute!
  4. ^^^GREAT keyfob collection!!
  5. Argh, I was sooooooo hoping to see your turtle back and in the line-up! I am still keeping my fingers crossed that he turns up soon! You do still have an amazingly formindable collection! I love the goldfish, and the watermelon, and the skull, and the strawberry, and the frog, and the . . . oh gosh, they are ALL so cute!!!!
  6. Great collection. I need to get the skull one too. Here is mine.
    Key and Charm Collection.JPG
  7. ^^ Wow, you have a great collection too, k2sealer! The animal ones are so cute!
  8. I love the big heart!
  9. So cute Tara! Are you liking your elephant?! I should be getting mine from JAX this Thursday!

    And about the flower keyfob you put in your car, I was TOTALLY thinking about this the other day! Coach should make air fresheners! LOL! I was thinking about hanging one from mine, but since most of them aren't double-sided I thought it would look weird, but maybe not now that I see yours!

    Both you and k2 have all of my favorites! Now I have to get more! I think the frog and the bee might have to be next for me! :yes:
  10. aww i'm so jealous! Wish I had the strawberry one. or any Coach charm. lol
  11. I love how some still have the tags.. I am glad someone can control herself, I usually rip em off, and use them right away.
  12. Awesome collection! I was just comtemplating selling mine since they weren't getting much use, but looking at your collection makes me want to keep them. :yes:
  13. I love the watermelon charms gals! :love:
  14. Yesterday, when I was at the COACH store I was thinking why it is that I need more of them because they will not get much use. But they are TDF, and I wish I had more one for everyday of the year:queen:
  15. i love the skull, strawberry, watermelon, and multi-flower! i really need to go out and buy some charms! i just know the skulls go for so much on eBay that i can't afford it.