My charge/send is out for delivery...YAY!!!!

  1. As you all know, a VERY nice tPF'er helped me out and I was able to do a charge/send for a fall patchwork Carly from Vacaville, CA! We live in NY!!! As of last night I was freaking out b/c Vacaville had told me I would have my bag on Wed (OHHHHHH the excitement!!! LOL) but on it was reading "delay not under our control" my hubby called FedEx directly, and it turned out the plane was delayed, but my package should still be here today!!!!!! I am soooooooooooo EXCITED!!!!! :yahoo: My daughter is home sick today, and I had to take her to the pediatrician today (remember my thread "do you take your coach to icky places???" Well....thankfully TODAY I didnt, b/c MY daughter was the one :throwup: in the waiting room!!!! AND right next to us was this woman ALL dressed up (and of course, I look like a slob w/ puke all over me!!!! AHHHH the joys of the SAHM!!!! :angel:) and carrying a khaki/gold Coach tote w/ the sequins? on was GORGEOUS and I was only PRAYING that my daughter wasnt going to puke NEAR it, ON it, or IN it!!!!! Thankfully she made it to the bathroom EVERY time!!! MEGAN I hope you are reading this!!!! Anyway, w/ all the icky stuff going on in my house today, it will be sooooooooo nice to see something PRETTY!!!! :yes: I hope that FedEx guy arrives soon!!!!!!
  2. How exciting!!!

    Oh those fedex people!! Haha.. :biggrin:
  3. I know.......WHERE is this guy???!!!!! :yes:
  4. Mommyville, I was curious about the charge/send so I asked the outlet in Tannersville yesterday if they would do this and I was told no. Do only certain outlets do this?
    She said they don't ship , period!
  5. I am so glad that it worked out so you could obtain that bag...
    :love: I JUST LOVE THAT BAG!!! But keep telling myself "not" to get it. Due to being afraid that later it will date itself with the patchwork.'s so beautiful...Does it really matter my other side keeps telling me...PLEASE ATTACH PHOTOS!!!

    One day...I may just end up with this very bag! I do just admire it so...:drool:...CONGRADULATIONS!

    As for the doctors office...Our pediatrician's office...Has a sick waiting room area and a waiting room for just check ups. People with sick kids aren't with the ones that aren't sick...Which so makes sense!

    Glad that the lady's bag beside you continued to keep it's beauty~ And good job to your little one...It's hard to make it to the bathroom all the time. We do the "bucket" thing when we go to the doctors and we're that sick. Then...When I check in...People KNOW to stay away from us...Since everyone checks in at the same place...
  6. Congrats, Mommyville!! Can't wait to see the pics!!!

    My sister (who lives in Camarillo, CA) did a charge/send for me (I gave her a copy of my credit card a while back to buy Coach items from her Outlet for me!) from her Camarillo Coach Outlet (who had ordered the purse from TX Outlet) to have the purse sent to me (I had pay $10 for shipping). I thought the Outlets would only ship the purse to another Outlet but my sister said the SA at Camarillo told her that they recently changed their policy so now, they do ship to your house from an Outlet and was still able to give you Outlet price!! I don't know if this is the policy nationwide but I'm so glad Camarillo is doing it!!!
  7. What exactly is a charge/send? O:

    I totally need to hunt down a gallery tote at an outlet if charge/send is what I think it is!!!!!!! EEK!
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  10. I heard of some people on here having problems w/ that outlet doing it....I did mine at the outlet in Riverhead....they will do it for you! You have to go to Riverhead and pay in person though!
  11. Charge/send is when you (or someone who loves you!) pays for it PRIOR to it being shipped. It used to be where you had to have a local Outlet hunt down an item for you by checking with other Outlets. When they find out who has it, they tell you and you (or your loved one) go to your local Outlet pays for it (along with tax and shipping charge) and your local Outlet lets the other Outlet know you paid and asked them to ship to your local Outlet. When it arrives, your local Outlet lets you know and you come and pick it up. Well, apparently now, you can do the same thing except, the Outlet that has your item can now ship the item directly to YOU! But you'd better check with your Outlet first and see if they'll do that, in case every Outlet functions differently. Gosh, I hope all this rambling makes sense!! *LOL*
  12. Hmm.. So.. did you ask another tPF kindly to pay for it for you? (of course you sent them the money for that!)

    That's quite interesting!! ^^;
  13. Yay!!! :yahoo: Can't wait to see modeling pics!!! :graucho:
  14. I dont think it will be dated...only TRUE Coach lovers like us will know what year it any other bag though!!! :yes: I say if you love it, at the price it is at the outlets, GO FOR IT!!!!! I still see the OLDER patchworks being carried alot here!!!

    Our ped office has a sick side and a well side as well!!!! In fact, it's HUGE!!!! The woman who was all dressed up w/ her beautiful Coach tote was w/ her sick kid prior to going to work. Her kid wasnt doing what my kids was though!!!! SHE was lucky!!! Though we did have a bucket w/ us!!!!!
  15. She went into her own outlet and paid for it and they then ordered it from the California outlet and sent it to her house. :yes: The tpf'er helped out in letting her know the CA outlet had that bag. :tup: