My Chanels for this season

  1. Ok, after some coaxing I am posting a couple pictures of my shoes I bought for this season. These are just the Chanel's. I may have to get out my camera for the rest ....

    Yes, I know I have a problem!
    chan.jpg espadrille.jpg
  2. those are fabulous Maxter!! really beautiful!!
  3. Wow, I love those flats! Where did you get them and how much do they retail for, if you don't mind me asking? :shame:

    Beautiful shoes, all of them! :heart:
  4. I got them all at Neiman Marcus. The sandals were around $400, espadrilles were $400, wedges were $795 and the jewelled flats were $995. Yikes!! I never added them all up at once.

    Now for the big question. What kind of bag is worthy of these shoes? The girl I work with there sent me a Chanel Reporter bag. But that is a whole lot of bag for me. I'm on the short side (around 5' 4"). I think it looks a bit large.

    Any suggestions? I have to say I am not an LV fan.

    Thanks so much!!
  5. [​IMG]

    Love it!
  6. they are all cute , ireally like the wedgies
  7. They are all gorgeous! I especially LOVE the jewelled flats!!
  8. I love this shoe!!!!:love: :love:
  9. love the flats and the espadrilles....
    i'm dying for a pairof those flats with the tie...too cute!!:P
  10. love ur shoes...
    thanx for sharing :smile:
  11. i don't have any suggestions, but Im glad you opted out on the large bag because it can make someone look shorter if it's too oversized.
  12. Gorgeous shoes!
  13. Love ALL your Chanel shoes! Especially the wedges!

    I'm a HUGE fan of the re-issues. How about the new re-issue that just came out in the soft, distressed leather? I just saw a beautiful Blue bag just perfect for Spring/Summer and would work really well with all your summer shoes! It was so soft and roomy inside. I think it had the silver chain!
  14. Shopmom411,

    I found a blue fendi Sellaria Linda (I posted on Fendi thread) that will go perfectly with the wedges! I think it looks stunning.

    Thanks for your suggestions and compliments. I really like the wedges but haven't worn them yet. Thinking white pants, navy top, etc...
  15. Love the shoes, especially the wedges!