My chanel !!

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  1. I got it from neimanmarcus event - 2 bags get $400 off :tup:, thanks alot to my SA - she found this bag for me :yahoo:and bring it up with a Chanel scarf !I love this bag very much, leather is really soft and it is "BIG" tooo hehheh:P
    Thanks alot everyone for letting me share !
  2. :drool:: This is HOT. Love it. Congrats to your new purchase. It looks great on you.
  3. omg! that is huge but it looks so nice! is it heavy?
  4. THAnks alot for your comment phoebe !! Love you !!hehe:love:
  5. very nice, congrats!
  6. Thank you for your comment lilflobowl !!:love:
    The bag is really big hehe, but it is not heavyy at all and the leather is really soft .. hehe:P
  7. Thanks you kimalee !!:love:
  8. Looks great on you, congrats!
  9. So beautiful!!!
  10. :nuts: Sweet!!!! Love that....It's different...I haven't seen that yet..Congrats!!
  11. congrats! Great tote.
  12. looks nice on you!
  13. Looks great on you! Congrats!
  14. nice bag...and looks great on you!:tup: congrats!:yahoo:
  15. Wow! That's hot! :lol: I really love that bag. Congrats. :yahoo: