My Chanel winter white collection -pictures!


May 23, 2006
Hi everyone.

Since I'm in the process of cataloging my Chanel collections for insurance purpose, I have few pictures to share with you. These items are added to my collection since this year.

First picture is my white jumbo classic flap. I got it for $2250 with $300 EGC from Saks. Yesterday I saw at the boutique for $2650. Yipe!

Also in the first picture is the a Chanel 2005 jacket with Chanel No 5 emblemce in white sequins. I scored this at a consignment store for $2200. I have been looking for a while on Ebay but they are all in the well over $3.5K! I think this is the similiar jacket as in Devil Wears Prada.

Third picture is my white J12 33mm diamond bezels. I got it just before the recent price increase with 10% discount & no taxes!

The last one is my 18K white gold white cachalong ring in small version. I got it also before the last price increased in April.

The Sa at the Chanel boutique said that there will be a 10% to 15% increases in Chanel Fine Jewelry starting January 2008! :yucky: I'm thinking about getting this Chanel 18K white gold & diamond earring loops. But the price is so expensive. With the price increases comming up, it does not help at all.

Thank you for letting me share.


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C'est Magnifique!
Sep 18, 2007
oh my god! i absolutely LOVE that jacket!! it's SO CUTE! please keep your eyes peeled for one like that for me too.... hehehe i'd be grateful! i absolutely love your diamond bezel watch and jumbo! love love love. those hoop earrings are fabuleux too, how much do they cost? :graucho: