My Chanel Wallet Was Stolen :(

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  1. I haven't posted in so long! I was reviewing the "rules" in the latest "Authenticate This Chanel" thread and noticed that if you are a longtime member whose activity seems to only be requests to authenticate, then your post might be skipped. Mine wasn't, but I understand the encouragement to share and communicate more, so to that end...

    Last week, my beautiful black caviar Chanel wallet was stolen, right out of my Chanel purse! After notifying all of my credit card companies, filing a police report, having gift cards reissued (I'm super organized and keep all of my receipts and was able to have the gift cards all cancelled and reissued before the criminals got to use them), figuring out when I'll have a chance to go to the DMV for a new license, etc., I am now mostly ok. Thankfully, I am covered against the nearly $13,000 of fraudulent charges these sneaky a's were able to rack up within the hour it took me to reach all of my cc's!

    But, my Chanel wallet. My poor little baby. She's gone. :sad:

    I am grateful that I wasn't hurt in the process. I'm also grateful that I have my purse and cell phone (instrumental in getting everything in order after such an ordeal). It could have been worse - I know this.

    I'm also looking at the bright side of how this puts me in the market for a new (used) Chanel wallet! Excited to find the right one again. I have been searching, but haven't been able to find exactly the one I had, which I loved. I suppose it was a bifold, but it was more of a clutch (no chain or strap or anything though). It was black caviar leather, with the CC logo embossed/stitched to the front. The back had a zipper pocket. The inside didn't open all the way like a bifold or trifold (so, it couldn't be made completely long and flat) - it was like a pocketbook. Had a button closure. Still looking for her replacement.

    Another silver lining to this is that I didn't eat my emotions! Despite being super stressed, I didn't give myself permission to binge. I am a Weight Watcher member who started five years ago at almost 300 pounds and have lost almost 150 pounds - not overeating when I'm feeling anxious is a true victory in my book.

    How's that for sharing? :supacool:
  2. Sorry for your loss! This has happened to me before but the thief swiped my whole bag with everything in it! We were all in a meeting inside the conference room and I suppose some random jerk helped himself to my purse which was unfortunately unattended. HUGE headache contacting my credit cards and filing a police report.

    just wondering, which Chanel purse were you using that the thief had such easy access to your wallet? The classic double flap seems pick pocket proof so I'm assuming its a bag with out a zipper?
  3. You're right on the money - my bag doesn't have a zipper, just magnet closures at each end. It's a simple black caviar tote (not quilted) - wallet matched so well with it! Kind of like the one I attached here. I still can't find even a photo of what my wallet was like though (but, it was definitely authenticate and purchased from Malleries, too).
  4. So sorry this happened to you and thanks for sharing. I'm glad that you have coping tools to avoid slipping back into old habits. Eating food and spending money are the two easiest behaviors for a temporary stress fix (trust me, I know), so to hear that you didn't binge or run straight to Chanel to buy a new wallet is impressive. Go you!
  5. I'm sorry this happened to must have been traumatic for you to think back how it happened!
  6. That is just terrible and I'm happy to hear you didn't eat your emotions!

    Were you in a crowded room or on a crowded bus?
  7. Sorry that this happened to you....but to read of your 'recovery' for not just the lost cards, but for your self-management and control, you are one heck of a girl! Shows what one can do when one chooses to love oneself. *hugs*
  8. Sorry for your loss! This has happened to me just 3 months ago in Las Vegas. He/She took my wallet right out of my med chain around chanel purse when I was shopping at North Premium Outlet there :sad:
  9. So sorry you were robbed but like you said at least the damage done was minimal and you're a strong lady that handled it beautifully :smile: Can't wait to see the reveal when you find the right wallet!!! Super congrats on your weight loss and continued strength to reach your goals....You're awesome :smile:
  10. +1. You're awesome for handling this with so much control. Totally know what it's like to deal with emotional stress through food and buying things. Also, I hope I can be as organized as you one day with being able to quickly call and get all your gift cards reissued!

    Hope you can put this behind you soon.
  11. I am very sorry for you loss! It is very frustrating when things like that happen. I'm happy for you that you handled the stress well. Congrats on your weight loss! You're winning a big battle :smile:

    I can totally relate as it just happened to me last week. My whole Chanel tote was stolen, which had my LV wallet and my phone. On top of the car repair (it was broken into), the stress of dealing with credit cards and banks, the mourning of my phone because it has so many pictures and videos of my kids that I have not yet backed up, I am so very sad about my favorite Chanel workhorse.... The LV wallet was almost brand new as I just bought it last month. It was the first time something like that happened to me and I took a very big loss...

    Anyhow, I hope you find the wallet you love again!
  12. UGH, what a bummer. You have the right attitude, tho: could have been worse & now you have an excuse to look for a new, fun wallet -- ALSO, good work on keeping on WW course during the whole ordeal!! Your weight loss is truly amazing!
  13. I'm sorry this happened to you; it makes me really angry that people feel entitled to take others' things rather than working to earn them.

    We don't usually skip posts for lack of contribution unless it's excessive. Your post is a little confusing with both the wallet and the bag-Roku may not have easily been able to tell what auth number goes where-usually you need to break up the request at one per. Also, I don't see a made in stamp photo. Also, we are not always able to get to things right away with work etc.
  14. I can really relate to this story! I think you handled it so calm & cool. I'm truly impressed. I had my handbag "reached into" in Chicago on the Magnificent Mile many years ago. They got my very nice LV sunglasses. Bright side, that's all they got. Still, it was very upsetting.

    I could have also turned to food. I'm a WW lifetime member so I know where you're coming from. Congratulations on your success story with WW.

    Best of luck to you girl. Thanks for sharing your story. :hugs:
  15. Great story!