My Chanel smells like smoke...

  1. I took my Vintage Ligne Chanel to a club last night and I was surrounded by heavy smokers. Yuck! My poor bag still smells like stale cigarettes.:yucky: Will that smell go away?
  2. I know what you mean, whenever I see a few people that I know who smoke, my bags start smelling like it, but I don't notice it after a few days. I hate that smell. I have read somewhere on here about how to get that smell out of your bags, but I can't remember how it is done, but usually in my experience, it just goes away.
  3. Maybe you can put a fabric softener in the bag to help get rid of the scent. I have not tried it yet and maybe it will only mask the scent?
  4. I've heard dryer sheets work well... and also a day or two in open air.
  5. Leave it outside for a few hours each day until it is gone.
  6. Hope you can get that nasty smell out.