My chanel "sale" splurges reveal!

  1. Thank you sooooo much ;) glad you stopped by!
    I am quite pleased with both ;)
  2. Love your bags! Chanel on sale, WOW! Never heard of that before.

    I mainly buy LVs and I just have not logged onto tPF for years because of school and I forgot my username and password!

    Glad I set up a new account and what I first saw are your bags! Congrats!

    I want to start my Chanel collection!
  3. Love the chain me bag!!! Isthere anymore? It is gorgeous!
  4. OMG, can't believe you paid $1540 for a mini! Lucky you! Soo jealous!
  5. thanks! I have a small number of Chanels but they are precious to me. :smile: I still love the stingray Boys! Can't justify getting a second boy right now but would love to see what fabulous ladies like yourself will be getting.

  6. Every piece in ones collection should be precious to them :smile:
    I do love the BOYS too but I need to take a little breather between purchases. I have gone Chanel crazy this last 6 months! And I have yet to receive my 12A jumbo from H:p

    Bluekit I always look forward to your avatar and the insightful comments you make!
  7. great pieces! congrats!
  8. congrats! Both bags are great finds and at those prices? I am jealous, you lucky lady! Enjoy them!
  9. Congrats!!!!!! :smile:
  10. They are so pretty. Congrats~~~~~~~~~~
  11. Congratulations on your great sale purchases, they're so gorgeous! Really love the ombre mini!

    Enjoy for all the days to come!
  12. omg! congratulations! what a steal! i'm extremely jealous of your mini!
  13. They are so beautiful. You got some awesome finds!
  14. Wow so nice to be able to grab the 2 bags at reduced price! I heart the mini! :smile: enjoy the bags!
  15. Congrats they are beautiful! Pls enlighten me though, I thought Chanel doesn't have sales.