My Chanel Sale Purchases So Far.....

  1. So...I am starting the sale season...LDLDB and I have hit the shoe racks big time! Haha...and now its some decision time. Hoping to find some more good steals.

    These are my super sale shoes. $270 at the boutique:


    And my two skirts. Both 60% off plus an additional 15%...not sure if they are keepers. They are really high waisted, and when I sit they waist seems to ride up? Thoughts?


  2. I love your new threads!
  3. modeling pics pleaseee!!

    the skirts look nice. i'm sure if you wear them with the rip top and shoes, it would make a killer outfit. i really like the first skirt, i think it'd look great with the shoes. 75% off is crazy!!!
  4. Love your shoes (excellent deal:tup:), love the 1st skirt, not quite feeling the color of the second one.
  5. Wow, you got some crazy deals! I love the ballet flats and the black skirt, not so much the multi-colored skirt.

    Perhaps get them altered if they fit awkwardly? Just a thought.

  6. Your shoes for that price? You got lucky lucky lucky! (let it rub off on me, okay ;) ;) )
    They are quite cute!

    I like the skirts, the bottom one seems to be a good transitional one to Spring.
  7. I love the black skirt! It's so pretty. Don't fret about the waist riding up.
    ALL high waisted skirts do that. especially if they're tight. But who cares as long as you look fabulous. No one ever said fashion was comfortable. :nogood:
  8. OK, I have to convince my DH to let me go to the USA for the sales.
    Love your new buys shmoo88.
    I have the same problem with high waisted skirts the black one. Not too keen on the multi coloured skirt.
  9. I love the shoes. The skirts are great too, but if you're just getting into Chanel RTW, I'd start with a jacket first. Jackets you can wear with jeans or pants. Skirts are more limiting for the $ you're spending, kwim?
  10. I really love the skirts, especially the 2nd, it has a vintagey "Love Story" feel to it!
  11. love ur purchases, the shoes are lovely....the black skirt is gorgeous!

  12. Love the first one. I've had a lot of high waisted pants and skirts tailored to make the waist lower, it works great.
  13. Would love to see the skirts on, they're super cute. LOVE those pumps too, wish I checked out the Chanel boutique last weekend when I was at short hill mall totally forgot to see if they had anything on sale there.......
  14. oooh you did good.

    I actually think the second skirt is super cute colours, but I dont think they are a bargain if they are atall uncomfortable and you are not sure about them. I have learnt over the years that you will end up dismissing wearing them if you know them to be even slightly uncomfortable :smile:
  15. cute cute skirts!