My Chanel Repair Nightmare Had a Happy Ending After All

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  1. Hey Everyone,
    I have no pictures, but I will explain my story. So I've had the black caviar GST for about 2 years and literally only carried it 5 times (I BABY my bags). It was in PERFECT condition, but the other day I noticed a thread becoming loose on the handle part- the interwoven leather had a loose thread, it was very minor but I am a perfectionist so I brought it to Chanel in SF and they said it could be easily re-sewn for free.

    Well, I couldn't pick it up today since I work until 6pm, so my bf decided to pick it up for me- I told him to examine my bag and WTF- They SCRATCHED my bag (my bag was absolutley flawless- no scratches) and they did not re-sew the leather part with a loose thread, they BURNT the tip of the thread- which looked horrible! My bf said you could totally tell they BURNT the thread, which curled in a weird position. To make things worst, they tried to re-sew the leather to the chain-they literally looped the thread from the leather to the chain so that you could visiblly see black thread over the chain:wtf: I am sorry if I make no sense, but believe me- from what my BF told me, it was HORRIBLE :tdown:

    As I was having a panick attack at my job, my bf called me to re-assure me that they would exchange my purse for a brand new one :wlae:

    I am still pissed that Chanel ruined my baby. I thought I could trust CHANEL boutique with my 2k bag, but obviously I can't- that makes me very nervous- with all these quality issues, where am I going to bring my bag to if I ever have a problem in the future? Sorry for my long post, thanks for listening
  2. WOW! I am happy that in the end you get a new bag.:tup:

    But really disappointed in the shoddy repair work and treatment of your bag.:sad:
  3. glad that you were able to get a new replacement
  4. Good that you're getting a brand new bag from them!! You totally deserve a new one after what they have done !! :O
  5. What a horror story! I am glad they replaced your bag with a new one, and that it ended happily.
  6. I cant believe this! Good thing they're trying to do the right thing by getting you another bag!!

    You poor girl!
  7. Thanks everyone! I am talking to my bf right now and can you BELIEVE they looped black thread OVER the chain!!?!?!?!?!?!? When the SA saw it, she said "I dont know why it looks like that, let me cut the thread from the chain" :shocked:!
  8. I think my old bag was the old caviar leather since I bought it 2 years ago- this bag feels lighter- how can I tell if I have the new caviar or old?
  9. oh heart just skipped a beat as i am waiting for my own repair (loose stitch as well as a bubble in the leather) to come back! i have my own reservations about the repairs. i'm glad that they gave u a new bag, but u would think the repair would be better! sorry, don't know how to tell the diff between the caviars...
  10. Oh my gosh! Sorry for your GST's demise!! On the other hand, congrats for the new one!! I wish you and your new GST many years of happiness together. :smile: