My CHANEL reissue doggie...

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  1. Here is the black patent 2.55 - 277 I got last week at Saks, I love it a lot! And the lovely male doggie model is my puppy Lucas:biggrin:
    IMG_5870.jpg IMG_5872.jpg IMG_5873.jpg IMG_5868.jpg IMG_5874.jpg
  2. Gorgeous! Your puppy is adorable....:smile:
  3. Oh my God I want your dog, she/he? is adorable!!
    Oh and your bag is cute too;)
  4. OMG, Lucas is precious!!!! :heart:

    Lovely Chanel too!
  5. Such cutie, but don't leave the puppy alone with the bag ;)
  6. Thank you very much gummybear, I like your username, you really make me want to have some gummybear right now.:drool:
  7. aha.....Thank you for your reminder! I won't do that! Or it'll be a really expensive treat....hehe:sweatdrop:
  8. Hehe,thank you thank you! It's a he.;)
  9. Thank you ocgirl!:smile:
  10. great bag and cute doggie, what more can u ask for?
  11. my goodness your doggie lucas looks like a doll! so so so cute!!

    and the reissue... :drool:
  12. Love the baby and the handbag is cute also! Ike my bull terrier says hi to Lucas.
  13. Awww... your doggy is sooo cute! And of course lovely bag!
  14. LOL I thought it looked like a stuffed animal too! So adorable!!! Love the reissue as well. Congrats.

  15. Is there a reissue in the picture? Sorry, but all I can think about is how incredibly cute Lucas is. :heart: If he doesn't have a girlfriend, my dog would love to meet him!