My Chanel needs TLC & I'm overly sensitive

  1. Hi all!!!

    I bought a PST in December from my local Saks. Some of the stiching is now coming undone in the front-right corner. I took it to Saks with all of the documentation. The SA on duty strongly suggested that the unraveling was caused by some form of abuse. She also let me know that there will be a fee associated with the repair (or any repair, for that matter).

    I guess my feelings are a little bit hurt at the suggestion that I would allow intentional damage to befall my bag. I felt that the SA was not that eager to help me -- she was trying to enlist one of her co-workers to do the job, instead. (Too bad for her, because I had enough cash on me to buy one or two more Chanels... lucky for my bank account, I guess :yahoo: ) Anyway, I'm also wondering - do any of you know (more specifically) Chanel's repair policy?

    Whew! Sorry about the long post! If you've chosen to read this far, thanks for your time! I'm probably being overly nit-picky and sensitive, but I just was not a happy camper after that particular visit to Saks!
  2. Well, Chanel's warranty is certainly longer than 4 months! There shouldn't be any charges for at least a year for something like that I would imagine.
    I would imagine SAKS even has a more liberal policy, sounds like a sourpuss SA to me.
  3. That's horrible, and you should be able to get it repaired for free. I would also be hurt, well actually angry regarding her suggestion.
  4. I certainly feel your pain as I posted how I only had my Cotton Club 4 days before it broke. Have you tried taking your bag directly to a Chanel boutique? I know that my SA's to great care of me and were certainly accomodating to my needs. Perhaps make a call to your local boutique before going there in person. That's what I did and they had a Manager available to meet with me and discuss the situation. Please keep us posted and best of luck!
  5. that sa is WRONG. i went to chanel at saks with my mom this week and her caviar flap is starting to have problems at the corners- mostly wear. the sa told her to bring it in whenever she wants and they will repair it free since she's had it less than a year (i think 5 months total). go in and ask another sa.
  6. A Chanel boutique would have to charge since it wasn't bought there.
    She has to go through SAKS.
  7. are you sure swanky? i had earrings that needed to be fixed that were bought at saks. saks gave me a terrible time about them. brought them to chanel and they fixed them for free with no trouble.
  8. That's weird, Chanel here refuses to fix for free or accept items that don't have Chanel boutique receipts.
  9. Sometimes I feel like SAs are so unhelpful after the sale.

    When I bought my Chanel mini-reporter a thread started to unravel on one of the front pockets the night I bought it! I went back and demanded an exchange but the SA couldn't do it because her manager was there. I was very firm telling her I paid 2000 euro just yesterday and this was not acceptable. I got the exchange after she got the department store manager to approve the exchange but I was SO peeved about that thread. It happened on the second one but I just cut it off and ignored it. It hasn't unravelled any further.
  10. yeah swanky, i brought in a bag too that i hadn't bought at the store and they're repairing it. it won't be free but it's not a new bag. but they took it no questions asked.

    i think maybe you should bring your bag to chanel if saks gives you a hard time and see what they say.
  11. That's terrible and I don't blame you for being upset. I agree with the others that if there's a Chanel boutique nearby, you should try them. Does Saks send their bags back to Chanel for repair?
    I don't know about you, but I rarely save receipts and wonder how everyone else does? Keep with the bags, or in a big file, alphabetically by brand or by store? Seriously, if the item is not counterfeit, why wouldn't a store/company repair it? (not that yours isn't real!)

    I was really annoyed when I brought in an item to Prada for repair and they wouldn't take it because I didn't have the receipt. The SA told me the reason was that without receipts maybe it could have been purchased on eBay! (Actually it had been purchased in Europe). I told her as long as the item was Prada, what difference did it make where it was purchased especially since I was willing to pay for the repair!
  12. What a stupid SA! Even if you didn't buy it there or hadn't planned a purchase on that day, if she had a bit of sales saavy, she'd have known you spent some money on a handbag and would more than likely ask for in the future IF she had treated you better. I don't put up with crappola like that. Get her name and talk to the store manager. I promise you'll get your bag (and that twit) taken care of properly.
  13. If you ever encounter an SA with a bad attitude, just go above her head to her manager. You don't have to be mean - just know that it's unacceptable and you would like to be a satisfied customer.
  14. I can't believe and understand some of the SA's people have to deal with.

    My SA said CHANEL'S POLICY is 2 YEAR GUARANTEED. She told me to use and abuse my bag as much as possible. For example: I asked if I should spray something to protect the bag from the rain. And she said no, just bring it back to have it refurbished and fixed. She said that is why u pay for a Chanel bag. And you can bring it to ANY CHANEL... they have to fix it and FOR FREE (for 2 years). Believe me! they know approximately when the bag's been purchased. so bring that bag back and make a fuss!!! We didn't spend all that money for nothing!
  15. Its true about Prada... they don't need the receipt but they do need the authenticity card... and from what I know ~ every prada bag purchased from the store or boutique has to stamp the authenticity card. Unless this has been changed then i'm not too sure.