My Chanel Luxury Bowler is defective!

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  1. I was so excited to have gotten my hands on a Chanel Luxury Medium Bowler last week in the black calfksin. The second time I used it, the damn tabs on the side broke off!! I was so mad! So I sent it out for repair and my SA is giving me the opportunity to either keep it or return it once it gets back.

    But now I think I want a medium metallic black (goatskin) one instead. I've already been to the Chanel boutique and it's sold out all across the US. I hoping to locate one in one of the department stores that carries Chanel.

    If anyone knows/sees one for sale, please please please let me know? I would really really appreciate it. :yes:
  2. I wouls ask for a brand new one NO MATTER WHAT..for that price...geez.......
  3. Neiman's downtown Dallas has them.
    I had to return mine {flap} as it was un 'braiding' under the chain :sad:
    they gave me a new one on the spot though - 2-3 weeks after I purchased it.
    Try that Neimans or the one in Plano, TX, ask for Shannon there.
  4. I'm sorry to hear that xochrissie Just return the defective one and get the black metallic. I hope you find one soon. Goodluck.
  5. I had a silver one and returned it because of a defect in the zipper. I am now waiting for another one.
  6. The thing is, there is no medium bowler in black left in the company. :sad: That's why my SA didn't give me a new one right away. I will call Shannon to see if she has one. Thanks for the info!
  7. SwankyMamaof3,

    I just tried to look up the phone number to the NM in Plano, TX on the NM website but it says it's a Horchow Finale. Is that the same?
  8. Did you get my PM back?
    Also, the one downtown Dallas, off Commerce or Main I think had them.
  9. Get a new one!!
  10. Def. get a new one! ;)
  11. Sorry to hear that the bowler was defective ... hope you find a metallic black one instead!!
  12. Hi Ladies, I just want to let u all know that I returned my Chanel Luxe Flat Shopper yesterday. I am glad that I did because it I wasn't in love like I should be as it didn't hold my stuff right. Anyways, at the trunk show the Chanel Rep showed me her large bowler and the metallic black & rubbed off and areas of her black bag were silver. It had rubbed all the way down to silver! I was shocked! She did say she traveled alot, obviously for Chanel trunk shows but I couldn't believe the bag wore that way. I absolutely love this bag & I was planning to get a different style when I got Vegas but now I am really not sure. I also thought I read somewhere on another thread that this happened to the Chloe metallic bags?? So please be careful with bags because they are too beautiful & expensive to have this happen!
  13. I got the PM! Thanks again. I will call first thing tommorrow morning. You are so helpful! You truly are the tPF fairy godmother! :yes: :biggrin:
  14. The black rubbed off? Wow. I saw the large bowler in metallic black and it wasn't really metallic. The leather is gorgeous. I can't imagine the black color rubbing off. That's so not worth it for a $2000+ bag!
  15. bellabags - Oh no!!!!! Now I'm nervous to use my metallic flap bag! I just love the way she loves all brand new. I'd be so upset if the black fades to silver. Anyway know if that happens fairly quickly, would Chanel fix it? Isn't that a quality control issue? For $2225 bag, I expect it to last a long time!