My chanel loots and others

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  1. :P [​IMG]




  2. other than Chanel:



  3. Very nice purchases! Love them all! Congrats and enjoy! :yes:
  4. love the clutch..what color is that?
  5. The color is more like dark purple. On the photos it looks brighter but it is a plum kind of shade. :yes:
  6. I want that clutch SOOOO badly but for some reason they didn't order it in Canada!!!
  7. oh i love your purchases
    esc. the clutch the color is tdf !
  8. Wow, you picked up some really nice goodies. I love that clutch.

  9. Love everything. Especially the little hippo lock.:love:
  10. Congrats! Love all your purchases! I've got the Hippo lock too, and I recently got a caviar clutch, which I just love.
  11. How much is the clutch?
  12. i so love that clutch. the color is sooo beautiful. enjoy your new purchases.
  13. love your purchases! the clutch and the bearn are perfect!
  14. Everything is beautiful.
  15. Congrats!!! Love the clutch!
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