My Chanel in Limbo on USPS tracking!

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  1. Help everyone For those that use USPS trackign services can you please tell me if they let you know when the item has been recevied into a foreign post office?? My chanel has been cleared from customs and it has been sitting on the status for 2 days >< I'm wondering if they let you know when you local post office receives the long does it usually take??

    I want it now :crybaby:
  2. When my parcels have gone into Customs and then cleared the online notification changes. Where are you located? In Aust you can track the international parcel via the Aust Post website it gives extra info.
  3. whereabouts are you located chako? i know that in the UK, if the item was sent via USPS EMS, customs & excise will look at it and the tracking would say that it's into foreign customs (before saying it's released). but far from being released, the package would be with parcelforce instead and you've got to wait a couple of days before a letter from parcelforce tells you that you've been slapped with a customs charge.

    parcelforce will deliver the item the next business day after you've made payment. the letter from parcel force will also come with a tracking/item number which you can track (on their site) when it's in the UK.

    i hope your chanel comes to you soon.
  4. Other than fed ex, tracking is a nightmare even in the States. I've had instances where it seems the parcel is in limbo and no one can tell me jack. The package had actually been delivered. It was a return to a boutique or store. Meanwhile USPS was still clueless as to its whereabouts. Grrr. Nothing other than a dose of patience helps. You may try requesting speaking with a supervisor.
  5. where are you located?
  6. Thanks for all the info and support everyone :biggrin:!!! I'm in Australia! I finally located was in limbo coz it was between being passed on from customs to Australia post! It has been well tracked once I hopped on the Australia post website! Its in my hot little hands now so I'm very excited :biggrin:!!
  7. Thank God! =)
  8. Thanks great news! Enjoy it!Lol!!
  9. Glad it arrived please....
  10. It's so stressful waiting for international packages.
    Glad it arrived safely!
    Can't wait to see pics!
  11. That's great news, can't wait to see your pics! :woohoo: