My Chanel in for repairs!!

  1. I have had no luck with Chanel - this is my 3rd bag with a problem. The first one (baby Coco Cabas) fell apart, the second (Rock & Chain) had recalled resin links. My 3rd (after returning the first 2 and adding a bunch of money) a Lambskin, jumbo classic flap was opening by itself. I would be wearing it and someone would say "your bag is open" OMG it happened 4 times!!! and I barely used it. All I needed was to lose the contents of my $2800.00 bag! So it's in for repair now and I can only hope this is the last of the Chanel problems I have encountered. Fortunately, the customer service is excellent and the boutique (Bal Harbour, Florida) is going to rush it for me.
  2. Sorry to hear that you have to keep sending in your bags for repairs. I hope they can fix your jumbo classic flap! Keep us posted!
  3. Ohhh, that sucks. That only shows that even with luxury goods, you can experience problems. Hope you get it back soon.;)
  4. That is the truth - have to keep in mind that even with a name like the coveted Chanel, you can get lemons. Sometimes I get blinded by the glamour of the history and the name.
  5. That's horrible!!! Let us know how it is when you get the flap back.
  6. Oh my gosh! I know there are freak lemons out there, but to get three of them! What bad luck! I hope it's just bad luck and not a trend... I also hope you have wonderful luck with all of your bags from here on out to make up for this fiasco :flowers: