My Chanel girls , I need your advice!

  1. I know this is the Chanel forum , and I know many of you also like LV, I need to make a choice asap, black patent lux line tote or suhali lockit mm in white! I have 2 white Lv bags already the epi montauge gm, never used it!
    and the ecru lambskin riveting, I have a few black Chanels as well, nothing in patent though! I love both, always wanted the lockit, but recently fell in total love with the lux linge patent, oh so gorgeous! AHHH I want something glam and classic, help, Im torn, Im more loving Chanel these days, but the lockit is a great peice:s
  2. I have no idea what that LV looks like, could you post a photo?
  3. Chanel is my first love but I do love the suhali lockit. I'm thinking about one also in verone.
  4. black patent luxe hands down!
  5. Wow, those are very different bags. I love the black patent lux and wouldn't pass it up, but if you wear more classic clothes and are using it for work, the LV is gorgeous and seems more appropriate.
  6. hi sjunky13! it would be a tough choice for me since I'm a Chanel addict lol but white lockit suhali and esp the mm size is one of the few LV I love !
    On the other hand who can't say no to a chanel lux ligne bag with the gorgeous H/W on?lol! I'd go for the Chanel first cause the lux ligne bags are a kind of LE! besides the standard colours suhali lockit comes in are always around!just my 2p!:yes:
  7. thanks for the photo.
    I like LV, own a few myself ;) but am not attracted to that bag at all personally. It's sort of plain to me, not much character. Also, I LOVE all things Luxury Ligne and add to that it being a tote. . . no contest!
  8. Hmmm, there are 2 diff. bags/style, Chanel is my first is hard to decide:confused1: but whatever you like best of the two and speaks to you them it will be a great choice for you....but FYI..I'm also getting the lockit pm in Verone color next week..shhhh:sneaky:
  9. Two totally different bags but I personally like the Chanel better.
  10. I love LV too. Have a lot myself. I'm not a lockit fan at all. So I'm voting Chanel.
  11. If you want something glam and classic, the lux tote is it! Beautiful hardware, nice and roomy, the patent makes it fantastic for all weather and, like you said, you don't have a patent bag, but you have 2 white LVs. The lockit is one of the nicer LV bags, imo, but unless you want something understated (which, actually, is the opposite of glam! ;)) or for more conservative use, then the lockit is very nice.
  12. I actually like both. I can't stand the mono LV, but love the Suhali line. That said, I think in this case, I'd lean towards Chanel.
  13. I think the LV is quite classic and reminds me of something Hermes.