My chanel flaps~

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I've visited my sister for two nights, while at the capital city two days ago, I went to the mall to check out my order for Chanel flap bag that I have requested few months back at the Chanel Boutique.

    Unfortunately my order of the studs flap bag was mixed up and they got something totally different than what I have requested, bummer, but I didn't give up and had to go home with something!

    I was lusting over a reissues and classic flaps, and decided that I will be bringing home a classic flap in caviar, but when I asked the SA, she told me that the one I wanted (black with gold hw) is on a long waiting list that will probably take 2 months or so. She let me check the black caviar with silver hw, to be honest, I didn't fell in love with it like I did with the gold hw.

    I checked out some reissues flaps which I really liked almost every piece they had! There were silver, light gold, white, turquoise etc.. but they were all either 225 or 226 and the only ones available in 227 were the black distressed leather with silver hw that I fell in love with and thought it will be just perfect as a first reissues flap for me.

    So after bringing the first baby home, I have been obsessed with the other flaps and I wanted to get a second reissues in 226 for a girls night out or dinner with the boyfriend. I thought my obsession will be over in a day or so lol but no, I drove back to the boutique this evening, checked out the flaps and looked at almost everything and after trying many totes, flaps and cluthes, I found this one flap that I think it is the perfect size, color, design and I brought it home with me.

    So here is a little reveal of both chanel flaps ...



    Stay tuned :biggrin:
  2. :popcorn:
  3. ohh... can't wait!
  4. My first 2.55 reissues 227

  5. More details :biggrin:

  6. Love the reissue!
  7. Yes, you definitely got a pretty reissue! NNNEEEEEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXT..
  8. Ayshaa... OMG, we got the same bag!!! what a coincidence!!:lol:

    My bags is exactly the same color and size and the screws also the same. Thanks for posting this, it makes me feel better to know that type of screw is actually exist. haha

    tks again:ty:
  9. Love this, beautiful bag!
  10. My next bag, she is a beauty! Perfect size!
    I so much wanted a black flap bag with gold hw, the details on this is just so pretty!


  11. I love the's gorgeous!
    Love the second bag too!!!Pretty detailing.
  12. Ayshaa. My next one hopefully will be a portobello. I am still looking for that exact color which is camel with black clasp closure from last season. :smile:
  13. wow i love both, congrats!!
  14. gorgeous classic! the 2nd bag is stunning -- so classic edgy!

    great photog skills too... crisp details!
  15. Congrats, they are both just stunning!!!! :yahoo: