My Chanel Flaps-----PICS

  1. So I'm in the mirror modeling my two reissues, trying to figure out which one to keep......... and I decide this would be a great time to take some modeling pics.

    Here are my two new reissues and my caviar classics from a while back :tup:

    White Reissue 227
    Navy Patent Reissue 227 (Gold HW)

    Jumbo White Caviar (silver HW)
    Jumbo Black Caviar (silver HW)

    I've also take side by side modeling pics for comparison. :smile:




    whitereissue.jpg navyreissue.jpg whitecaviar1.jpg blkcav.jpg
  2. MOre pics!! :wlae:

    chanelwhites.jpg reissues.jpg
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Ugh! Tough decision, I'd probably keep the Navy Reissue over the white.
  5. LOL. Sorry about the paper on the handles....can't take that off yet. LOL
  6. i prefer the white reissue over caviar on you
  7. Since u already have a white jumbo...keep the navy patent!
  8. If you have to get rid of a reissue - then I agree with Mon.... keep the patent since you already got a white flap. Plus white caviar will be easier to maintain..

    But if I were to pick one.. I might've chosen to let go of the white caviar jumbo instead since other than the colour it's identical to the black jumbo - whereas the white reissue and the blue patent are different in both colour, leather, and colour of hardware... and assuming your white 227 is from 2005 - then the interior has different stamping too...
  9. Iluvbags... YOUR REISSUES ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! I'd say keep the navy patent! And since you already have 2 whites, I'd choose the white caviar!
  10. Thanks everyone.

    I didnt mean to turn this into "which one to keep". I should have left that part out. I will figure it out sooner or later after sleeping on it for a few nights

    I just wanted to model my latest goodies for everyone.

  11. ok, iluvbags, where/when did you get the white 227 reissue??? recently? does it still have the tags on it? if so, can you give me the A30227........complete style number so I can call 1-800 Chanel and try to track one down? or if you aren't keeping it, where did you buy it, and PLEASE have them hold it for me if you return it!... PLEASE!!!
  12. sorry, didn't mean to sound so desparate, but I really prefer the 227 white reissue over the new washed caviar flap with madem. lock. they are all lovely, is keeping both reissues an option...I am obsessed with how classic and timeless and versatile the reissues are!!!

  13. Mine has a tag but not the chanel tag w/ an A number. Sorry. Just a store tag that they attached. its got a sku if that would help ? but probably not

    But i'm sure one of the gals here might have that info for you. Most of us hang onto our tags. I didnt use to but I try now.....
  14. Well, I have to say that they all look great on you!
    Good luck with making your decision, I think both the navy patent and white reissue are gorgeous.
    You can't go wrong with either of them. (but the navy patent really pops out :p)

  15. I could NEVER let of of my jumbos :nogood:
    the thought just gave me chills. LOL