My Chanel Family

  1. Ur collection is amazing, TDF, omg i want ur bags haha 8)
  2. amazingly fabulous!!!
  3. Nice work!
  4. So dying with the blue one, in between classic n blink2
  5. Hope i have mine, m/l classic caviar black next week...pray pray
  6. your collection is really gorgeous, i've enjoyed looking through it! by the way, your kitty is very cute also! my cat tries to get into the bag shots because she is so confused by what mommy is doing with that!

    what i love the most is the j12 i don't remember seeing one with diamonds inside only, i've seen the outside ones mostly! it is gorgeous :smile: thank you for sharing
  7. Amazing collection! Thanks for sharing with us. They are all beautiful!
  8. Love the ballet pumps!
  9. amazing chanel collection!
  10. your collection is TDF!!! I love absolutely everything :smile:
  11. Simply beautiful! Appreciate the way you have portrayed each one of them!
  12. Your collection is amazing!
  13. absolutely stunning collection!
  14. love your collection. I also have the bow sunglasses in black with a white bow ;)