My Chanel Experiment.

  1. Got my Chanel eyeliner today in toffee! Before I purchased it, I read reviews and opinions of other users to make sure I was going to get my monies worth. Since its after hours, I decided to draw a smiley face on my hand and sleep with it. Tomorrow, I will post the results. Here's the before picture:


    And now, we wait!
  2. Woke up this morning, and there was nothing left but a faint outline left.
  3. Normally your eyes wouldn't be rubbed, so not really a fair comparison if your hand gets rubbed on the sheets during the night.
  4. True enough! I thought about that myself the next day.
  5. I've drawn lines with eyeliners on my hand and went to sleep before. When I woke up it was still there and pretty dark. You can try it again and draw 2 smiley faces, one with the channel liner and one with a different liner.
  6. ^good suggestion... let us know who does better Chanel or the competition

  7. I agree... a really good, long lasting liner should still show in the am....what is a bit of tossing and turning anyways??LOL
  8. Plus your hands sweat during sleep, your eyelids dont!
  9. there are tears that can make eyeliner go away pretty fast too
  10. Not only tears but eyelids can get greasy which can make liner smudge.