My Chanel Costume Jewelry & SLG

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  1. Hey guys!
    I'm kinda new to TPF, I only browsed, never posted.
    But I'm eager to be part of this awesome community.

    I was tidying my Chanel drawer today so I thought I'd take a family photo of them.
    Here is my small collection of Chanel costume jewelry and small leather goods purchased over the seasons come and gone. I've never purchased any bags partly because I'm a guy and I can't find any bag that appeals to me, and oh don't even talk about their sports line, like..eww.

    It's not a big collection I know, being a 16 year old student working part time I can't really afford as much as I wish I could. My collection consists of brooches, couple of necklaces, and more brooches. Which is another thing I want to talk about. I think brooches are awesome. There are many ways to wear a brooch without looking like your grandmother. I find it annoying when people just assume that brooches are for grandmamas, well they're not!

    I just got my sunglasses today, it comes in a quilted leather case with a CC logo, I've never seen that kind of case before and I think they're really pretty.

    My next purchase is going to be the bow-shaped brooch from SS08 Act II. It's called "Marquise" I think? It's a crystal encrusted bow (you probably saw it from the runway, either in the form of a bracelet, brooch, necklace or jeweled belt.) They only ordered one for my boutique, and my SA put my name on it so now I'm just waiting for it to arrive.

    So yea what do you guys think of my collection?
  2. Beautiful! I LOVE Chanel costume jewelry! :love: Congrats on everything!
  3. nice collection, i love those sunnies.
  4. Welcome to tpf!
    Awesome collection!!!
  5. very nice and stunning collection. not small for a 16yr old boy :tup:
  6. welcome to TPF! beautiful accessories! congrats!:yahoo:
  7. [​IMG]

    Lovely accessories, congrats:yahoo::yahoo:
  8. wow... LOVE all of your accessories! The brooches are gorgeous! Thanks for showing your beautiful collection -hopefully you can find yourself a bag that suits you soon, hope to see you more in the forum!
  9. u have a great collection- what an investment and really good for a 16 year old1
  10. i love those brooches! i'm not into Chanel costume jewelry except brooches (and maybe also those tastefully done pearl necklaces). not bad at all for a 16-year-old-boy who only works part time!!! when i was 16 i could only afford polo ralph lauren :P
  11. Wow nice collection! I esp love the cuff bracelet at the back on the right, it IS a cuff right?
  12. Great collection. As mentioned before, impressive for a 16 year old! I certainly didn't have anything like that when I was 16!
  13. Love your glasses! Welcome to tpf...:smile:
  14. Very Nice Collection!
  15. welcome and great collection