My Chanel Collection

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I finally found time to take pictures of my growing Chanel collection! here's my happy family! All's that left on my wish list is red jumbo, brown jumbo and beige jumbo ... can you tell I'm a devoted lover of Chanel jumbos????:p

    The two on the right aren't classic flaps - one's a small midnight blue tote and the other's a business tote.

    My tax refund can't get here fast enough!!
    Chanel collection 4.15.2007 001.jpg Chanel collection 4.15.2007 004.jpg
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  2. beautiful!!!!!!!!
    love your pics
  3. WOW!!! :drool: I'm speechless.
  4. Not only that..but also a lover of black colour too...
    Nice collection. I like jumbo size too. I'm waiting for a light beige caviar jumbo...dun hv any at the moment
  5. Wow! Beautiful!! I also love collecting flaps! But hey, why all of them are black / blue? only one is red?
  6. wow,awesome collection!!!
  7. WOW!!! I am IMPRESSED!
  8. thx for sharing!!!
    love ur collection!!
  9. What an awesome collection!!
  10. beautiful collection!!
  11. Wow! That's a lot of flaps!
  12. A flap museum -- awesome; thanks for sharing!!
  13. thank about eye candy:amuse:
  14. GORGEOUS collection! Enjoy them...
  15. beautiful collection, thanks for sharing!