My Chanel collection.. **PICS**

  1. Hi ladies!

    I know that I promised my group pic a *long* time ago, I just never had enough time to take them all out of their boxes and dustbags. Well, my fiance was out for a few hours so I finally got a chance to snap a pic of the group. The only bags that are missing are my soft and chain hobos , but those are already posted in the reference thread, and my pink PST. So, here they are! :p Thanks for looking!

    One pic w/flash and one pic w/out. Oh, I only realized until after I took the pics that I forgot to take the tissue off of my gold and my white exp flap, so please excuse that. :rolleyes:



  2. Gorgeous collection! but I could have sworn u have a gazillion more bags:p or do these only represent recent acquisitions?:yahoo:
  3. What a beautiful collection!!
  4. Yup, I forgot about some and by the time I remembered, my bags were already put away again.
  5. OMG....that is one jawdropping collection you have there. Superb taste, very lady-like I must admit! And you have the red jumbo AND the red tote -- I'm sooo green with envy. Love that jumbo black patent flap too!
  6. Jenn, where's your gorgeous violet lambskin jumbo? AND hey I didn't know you also bought a red caviar tote - wow wow wow!
  7. wow, so beautifull, 2 expandable flaps!!!! a white jumbo and a cc tote! I want to raid your closet. Great Chanel collection.:drool:
  8. :nuts: Wow, what a gorgeous collection!! (and apparently there's more you lucky!) Am especially jealous of the red bags, I just think they're amazing! Love them all - thx for sharing!
  9. Jenn, I absolutely :heart: your collection!! The black patent jumbo and matte gold flaps are stunning... I've been telling myself I don't need the latter, but I don't know if I can keep that up anymore!! :love: We're red jumbo and bronze CC tote (though you forgot to add that in the pic) twins!! Thanks for posting pictures, I know it's a pain in the Chanel bag butt. :p
  10. What a very classy collection!!!! Wow, I want your red classic flap.

  11. Umm, Mon you don't want to know. :shocked: I made a HUGE mistake a few months ago. I just received the tote today. I know the flap and the tote are practically identical, but I just can't get enough of the red. I've waited too long for chanel to come out w/a true red.
  12. holy moly!! that is a absolutely superb collection! i love each and every piece and the variety of color!
  13. Thanks ladies!

    Minal: Of course you need it. ;)
  14. WOW! What a gorgeous collection..... did you end up letting all of your baby cabas go?

    I do see some tendencies white black white......:graucho:
  15. LOVE your collection! Where are your soft and chains and your coco cabas?