My Chanel CF black caviar in size small with SHW shopping experience

Oct 22, 2020
Hello, all! I'd like to share my shopping experience on my new baby which is CF small. I have always wanted this ever since I was younger but I was still young and a student who thought omg too expensive. But then back in 2019 and 2020 spring when it had a massive price increase, I was literally so shocked and started panicking. I decided to finally pull the trigger to get my hands on it! Because I cannot justify its price to be above 7-8k USD. So, I have started haunting it down and it's nearly impossible to get it in my country so I asked my bf for help. He actually met a nice SA and she helped me getting its stock for me. So as you know, this CF small is very popular and SA say can only hold it for me until the end of the same day. I always asked for a brand new one made in France. So the SA couldn't check the condition for me in advance. So when finally visited the store after his work. The one my SA held for me was the only one in stock so I couldn't compare it with anything else. I watched and searched so much before I purchased so I had a few things to check before my purchase. My major concerns were a bit of air bubble in the lining inside of the bag and I thought the bag is not shiny enough.
Here the photos of mine on the day of purchase
B281C838-9CAB-4E8C-A191-24EEBA7F790D.jpeg E7843EE4-92F1-410B-B35D-7D6E4E07FFD9.jpeg But then the SAs mentioned it's not a problem and it will get flattened after usage. And some of the users here kindly shared their experiences and some mentioned that they also have the same "issue?" Or it's normal and it happens to more recent series bags. At that time, I had no idea about when the price is going to be and only knew it's so soon. So I bought it and he went back to his place. I posted my post here and asked for opinions of you guys. It was mostly as long as I love it then it's good or it's more important to see in person and find one that you really love than saving some amount or go exchange it if there's something bothers you! I was absolutely thankful for those of you gave me genuine and honest advices. So I asked my SA to arrange an exchange but again it was only one in stock as she can only hold one for me. So my bf went and it turned out the new one is even worse than mine about the symmetry, air bubble and etc. or maybe that's just my opinion haha. Anyways I decided to stick to mine and now I absolutely love it without any doubt even tho it has a little bit of air bubble. (The reasons I decided to go with mine are mine looked puffier in my opinion. He mentioned the new one has worse air bubble. And mine has the accurage symmetry on the each hole where the chain starts, but the new one is not along the quilting line and asymmetric if you can see or mb just my thought haha)
Here the photos of mine VS new one she held for me
1922BB5A-1174-4B76-9463-4185BE1C6958.jpeg 5DD7375E-2F95-4890-A6A5-DA13C3CB48CA.jpeg 74912135-066C-42E3-B64A-81242C07A6D5.jpeg 86DB2B55-A682-4671-BFB4-5900C3C12171.jpeg 63B00B4D-0E1B-421F-944B-9B6298DA22F3.jpeg I think it's because I at least could compare it and it gave me a peace of mind and idea about my bag's condition. So my point is if something bothers you, don't just settle down for it! Try to compare it with another one to see and decide if you actually want yours. At the end of the story, there was price increase indeed happened on Nov 2nd and I ended up saving $490 usd for the exact same bag and I'm very happy with that. Just to let you know, whenever I asked about the price increase, Chanel associates always answered with oh I'm sorry but we don't have any information yet. And just my tip for a popular bag as you all know is finding a SA who's willing to help. I tried to call care center multiple times. But then it always happened as oh there's stock in A, B and C store and let me check with the branch and get back to you. I assume they are quite busy, but they always got back to me 4-5 hours later or I had to call them again to check and the answer was mostly oh it's sold out meanwhile or they don't take a reservation. I'm suck at writing a post so it's not very well organized and written. So, if you have any question, please let me know!
What's your opinion on my bag? Vs the new one, price increase, chanel craftsmanship, quality, thought on CF small and etc?


Mar 15, 2017
Southwest Florida
Congrats on your new bag! I do not notice an air bubble, rather that structure on the top is curved??? I think this sort of thing will happen to leather and as you wear it, it will change shape a bit. I’m so happy you snagged it before the price increase. I started my Chanel journey in 2017 and I thought that the prices were crazy then. Each year, I say that I won’t continue to purchase Chanel, yet here I am with another new bag.
I definitely don’t think the quantity justifies the purchase price, but to me it’s more about owning a piece of history (especially the 2.55). Since Gabrielle created the first handbag chain, women wearing menswear, etc, her pieces really speak to me. I also dreamed of owning a Chanel in my early 20s and I waited 15 years before I made a purchase.
Enjoy your bag!


Oct 15, 2020
Hi - I'm glad I came across your post as I recently bought my very first medium classic bag in caviar leather (I nearly passed out when the SA told me the price including taxes!! LOL). Thanks for the detailed breakdown and pictures - it helps a lot!

Anyway, this is my first time learning air bubble, and just went back to check it out. I can feel it, but I don't have anything else to compare to, so I just assumed it's normal ... I guess not?

Also, I asked my SA about the exterior flap as it did not lay flat and curve up (please see picture below). She said it's normal as it's a brand new caviar leather and it's still stiff. The leather will soften as I wear it more, and as a result the flap should lay flat. What's your thoughts on this?

I'm so new to the Chanel world that I would like to get a second opinion, especially since the price tag is ridiculous. I'm not sure if I'm overreacting or if this is normal. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!!