my chanel cambon is getting messed up

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  1. i love this bag, and i hardly ever take it out, only on special occasions. i took it out today and this is, i swear, my 3rd time using it, and i noticed the 2 white C's are turning gray around the edges.

    now is this "supposed" to happen?

    is white really that hard to take care of? i really baby this bag. and i can't believe the white is either rubbing off, or getting dirty.

    i was thinking i should take white-out and cover it up. LOL. i'm kidding. but it was a thought.

    any suggestions for me on either how to fix it or prevent it from getting worse?

    i bought it at bloomies, not chanel. so i don't know if bloomies would help me out here.

    the photo is from my gallery, i haven't yet taken a close up of the CCs. maybe i will later.

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  2. Even if you bought it at Bloomingdale's, shouldn't Chanel be able to help you out since they are the manufacturer? Can you take it into the Chanel boutique and see what they tell you there? That's awful for something like that to happen to such a nice, expensive bag.
  3. Wow, I've never heard that before! I have the same Chanel bag and I've used it at least 10 times and at least twice to go clubbing :shame: Yikes! And the CC's were as white as before. I got penmark on it once but it came right off. I used warm water and just a little bit of gentle soap. Maybe you can try that...or leather cleaner. Better yet, just call Chanel they will help you for sure... Hope this helps!
  4. Wow - I can't believe this. I actually wanted this bag in a pochette - but maybe I'll get the all black one instead.

    Maybe call Chanel and ask what you can do about it. Bummer...
  5. i'll try the leather cleaner, and if that doesn't work, i'll call up chanel. but man, i can't believe it!
  6. Are the "CC" turning grey or just the edges? i have the same purse with the matching wallet and keyholder and i noticed that on my keyholder. but it's very very minor just along the edges can't really tell.
    but if it is worst then i think you should take it back to chanel or bloomingdale first before cleaning it yourself.
  7. so far, it's just the edges of the two CC but i can see it getting worse each time i use it. grrr... maybe i will take it to chanel see what they say. seems like it's only happening to my bag! besides your keyholder.
  8. Weird! I have the medium tote in the same colors and my Cs are just as white as they were when it was new, and I don't baby my bag at all!
  9. oh no now i'm really sad!!
  10. How is that possible?I think you should go ask the chanel store to see what they can do....ordid you use leather protectant?
  11. Take it in Fayden!!!! good luck!
  12. nope, i didn't put any leather protectant on it. so i don't get why it's happening to it.
  13. OUch! Fill us in on what they say! My white pochette has those exact "greyish" areas too...and I'm too scared to rub on it b/c it looks like its where the leather is wearing? But like you, I barely take mine out too! I should've gotten the black on black patent.
  14. I didn't know how to take care of my chanel I just spray it with leather protectant and let it sit there but I also realized it is not as white as it was before...maybe that is just chanel is?
  15. thanks for the feedback. i'll let you know what happens when i take it in. might not be until sometime this weekend though. =(