My chanel broke on the first day!!!!!

  1. :mad: :mad: This is the first time I buy Chanel, and maybe the last time. I bought Navy Patent Reissue on Last Thursday in Saks, and got it yesterday. Today I carried it went to the mall, The chain is broken after like 20 minutes.
    There were only a small size wallet, a cell phone and my car key inside the bag. I called the SA already, and she still have on in stock. But I really hesitate to get the same one.Should I change to a classic flap, since the chain is different style.
  2. i am sorry this happened to you. especially since it is your first chanel.
    i have no suggestion as to whether or not you should get a classic flap instead. i have both and they seem to hold up pretty well, maybe the other ladies can give you better inputs.
    good luck
  3. Aw, I'm sorry this has happened to you with your first Chanel. And I can defintily understand that you are hesitant to purchase another reissue, I think anybody would. As I don't have reissue myself I can't say weather or not they hold up well but I certainly haven't heard of the chain snapping, least of all on the first day. Maybe some owner can give you some input.
    I have a Classic flap, and its honestly fabulous, and definitly holds quite alot, and is very sturdy.
    I think it's almost a catch-22 situation, do you go for the re-issue once agian and worry about it snapping, or go for the classic flap wich clearly wasn't your first choice?
    But then again maybe your bag in particular was just a fault, and i'm sure if you get another one the chances of it happening again are very slim.
    Sorry once agian, but let us know what you deceide on.
  4. That is beyond frustraiting! Hope everything works out for you without anymore headache.
  5. Hope everything works out for you :smile:
  6. That's horrible! So sorry that happened to you. I have two reissues, the 2005 ones and haven't had any problems. Actually I've never heard of the chain breaking on any of the reissues. So maybe it's just the one bag that had the problem? (let's hope..) Where exactly did the chain break?
  7. I totally understand your pain. My first Chanel (Cotton Club Tote) broke after the 4th day. I too had the same dilemma - to go for the same bag or to choose a different bag. Because I had been waitlisted for the Cotton Club - I clearly wanted it; so I went for a new Cotton Club. I've only had this one 3 days ( 2 of which it's been sitting on a shelf) so my verdict is still out.

    It really hurts when you spend so much for a bag and it hurts even more when you've saved so much for a luxury item to have it break at all.

    Best wishes to you and your new bag.
  8. Oh no, this is the second time this weekend I heard of a chain issue with the Chanels, and as much as we pay, it really is bothersome. Sorry this happened, I bet it's very fustrating, especially since it is brand new.
  9. OMG! Bad quality, expensive, constant price increase... Shame on Chanel.
  10. That's terrible!!!!! Hope everything works out though!!!
  11. sorry this happened. very disappointing too. hope you exchange for another bag.
  12. so sorry to hear this...hope u can get it exchange from ur sales..
  13. I've never heard of this happening. If you really love it, get another. If the chain breaks, return for another style.
  14. Chanel will make it right- it was probably just a bad bag.
  15. oh so sorry this happened to ur first chanel..
    i have never had any break issue chain, however i dont have any reissue myself..
    if u realy love the look, i think you should give another reissue a chance..lets hope that it just that one that have chain problem..but if the new one breaks too, than i guess the u should just exchange for the classic flap:smile: