My chanel broke in public

  1. I was carrying my cotton club tote to my son's b-day party when the chain on my tote broke. I was so embarressed. Even though my bag is authentic (I bought it at the chanel store) I felt like everyone would think I was carrying a fake bag. How can a bag that cost so much break so easily. This is also the second time the chain has broken. Has anyone else had this problem?
  2. I haven't had that problem, but I totally feel for you. Its so embarassing when something you pay a lot of money for breaks. I've had that happen with shoes, where the straps break, and I had to put a rubber band around my foot! haha....I feel your pain.
  3. Hi, I do not have that particular bag, but I feel so bad for u. We do spend so much for these handbags, things like that should not happen. :nuts:
  4. I have yet to purchase my first Chanel and hope this is a rare situation or they fix it free. I really feel for you.
  5. My SA at the Chanel boutique said that she had heard of several instances of the Cotton Club Tote's strap's breaking. Chanel supposedly is aware of this problem. How QA could let this occur is beyond me. :shrugs:

  6. I can fix it with some pliers, but it seems so ironic to be taking tools to my chanel.
  7. The problem with the CC tote is the way the toggles attach to the bag. Those small rings are not sturdy enough to hold the weight of the bag and it's contents and pull apart. Even if the bag isn't stuffed to capacity, the pull of gravity eventually takes it's toll.

    Chanel can send the bag off for repair where they remove those small rings and re-do the soldering process. There's a thread about the exact method of repair in here if you do a search.

    My blue CC tote is holding up so far but it's not an everyday bag. All of the rings are still completely closed. Some members received brand new totes with the rings slightly opened, a flaw from when the bags were made, and experienced breakage within the first few days or weeks.
  8. OMG....:shame:I would have felt like crawling under a rock, you poor thing. I feel so bad for you. How horrible! I can't imagine how you must have felt at the time. Well, I hope it gets fixed and never happens again.
  9. Maybe when they fixed it the first time they didn't do a good job and subsquently it broke. ( too much weight). In my opinion I would take it back and have it fix free of cost.
    And i feel the pain, I know it can be embarrasig, sorry, I hope it doesn't happen to you or anyone else here. that's why we buy quality bags...
  10. The same exact thing happened to me! I mentioned it to my SA one day and she told me to bring in the bag and she would have it repaired at no charge. The problem with my bag was that the ring connecting the toggle to the chain was too weak and would warp out of shape with the slightest amount of weight in the bag. Chanel removed the defective rings and attached the toggle directly to the chain which is much stronger. The bag was only gone for about 2-3 weeks and I have not had any problems since then. I noticed last week that my bag was getting quite heavy (I hadn't cleaned out my bag for awhile:blush:) and the chain was as strong as ever. I LOVE this bag so I was sooo happy that Chanel had a solution for the problem. I do agree with previous posters though...Chanel should have NEVER sold bags with such a major flaw! Luckily, this one was easily correctable, but still...:tdown:

    Good Luck!
  11. Wow, definitely get it fixed or replaced through Chanel. If you pay that much for a bag, it shouldn't break like that.
  12. So sorry for you, I hope you get it fixed!
  13. I think I may want to return the bag and just get a different one. I've had it since april. Do you think they will let me return it?
  14. Ugh, I hate it that expensive bags even need a lot of babying and pampering and still break from time to time...
  15. I've been carrying my cc tote for about 3 months now and haven't had any problems (knock on wood!). I know what you mean about the toggles as I can see where they could be a potential problem. I do check my bag periodically to make sure the rings are still connected and not coming apart. I shouldn't have to do that though. Definitely take the bag back and I hope they get it right this time.