My Chanel Boy bag's silver plating chipped off!!! Need advice!!!

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  1. Hello ladies, I recently got my Chevron boy bag with shiny silver hardware and with just 2 use, I noticed silver plating chipped off at one corner of CC lock. I am extremely panicked about this!!! So sad :crybaby::crybaby:and disappointing, can't imagine such an expensive bag's material is so cheap.:annoyed::eek::tdown: I outsourced this bag from a personal shopper and got it from UK as my local stores didn't have the combination I wanted. I do have gift receipt that came with it. Honestly, I have no idea how the repair process goes and specially in my case when the bag was bought in different country. I have included pic too. Could anyone tell me process of Chanel repair please? I never had to go for one. Thank you so much in advance~ IMG_5544.JPG IMG_5551.JPG
  2. Sorry this is happening to your bag. I would start by calling a local boutique-do you have a SA that you normally work with that can help you? Also, I'd call the 1.800 Chanel and ask about the next steps. Does the purchase show in your name? With recent changes to the repair policy, Chanel wants documentation that you are the original owner etc. Please let us know what you find out.
  3. Oh really? But this is from their latest collection SS2016 and because I got it from a personal shopper, she delivered it to me with gift receipt. I would think they should still be able to verify the purchase in their system and offer me solution. I wouldn't believe if they turn me down.
    Also, I don't really have a SA for Chanel store that's why I am little nervous about this whole thing. I did contact the personal shopper about it and she suggested to take it to the Chanel store. I plan to go in next few days as my schedule has been way busy, but I will update what happen. Thank you for your advice~~ __/\__
  4. I think you should be able to return it and get a brand new bag. I am not a 100% sure but I recall an SA mentioning that to me before to keep my receipt as I can use it if anything happens to it within a year, You don't need an SA and just go down to any Chanel store, They should be able to stand by their product. Good luck!
  5. Thank you so much for your suggestion dear~ I actually will have gift receipt instead of original receipt, I hope that will work as well. In any case, Chanel should stand for their product and quality. Will update here what I hear once I go. Thank you again~~
  6. So....I dropped off my bag today at Chanel in Nordstrom. The guy said it will take 2-4weeks and they might not charge me any fee since this is not even an year old bag, infact this is SS2016 collection. He wasn't sure if they will replace the whole CC lock or do replating. They will be sending it to their NYC facility. I am just hoping the actual repair process goes smooth and that I get my bag back perfect which is still in mint condition. Will update you guys when I get it back~~
  7. That's good. At least someone is helping you on this so I believe everything will be done smoothly. :smile:
  8. Yay! Im glad they toom the bag, please keep us updated!!
  9. Sooooooo...after almost 11months, I finally got a call from CHANEL NEW YORK 57TH STREET saying that the hardware has arrived from Paris and I can send my bag for the repair which I did and I just got my bag back!!! So glad everything went well. They ordered CC lock hardware from Paris and replaced entire hardware. After getting bag back, I carefully inspected the bag for any dents or marks which I was worried about actually because my experience with Nordstrom Chanel right before wasn't good at all. I had initially taken my bag to Nordstrom Chanel and they took it to send for repair. After 4 weeks, Nordstrom called me to pick up my bag only to find out that the repair wasn't even done because they didn't have the hardware(are you kidding me? It took 4weeks for them to find out they don't have hardware?!?!?) and my bag was returned with marks and dents on it!!!:mad::cursing: More than that, they didn't even have the gesture to apologize or something to make me feel better. Anyways, I never went back to them since then and don't even plan to do any business in the future.

    Chanel boutique in 57th st NY, they are SOOOOOO great and fantastic customer service. I really commend the SA who helped me throughout and kept me on loop with everything. After all that patience, now that I have my bag back with brand new hardware replacement, I am a happy camper:tup::yes:

    I just wanted to stop by and give you all update on my repair. Thank you for letting me share:wave: