My Chanel boots...from a strange tan to...BLACK!

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  1. So I decided I was ready for a challenging project this evening. Challenging is not actually the right word...risky may be more appropriate!
    I had purchased a pair of Chanel boots on EBay a while ago and never wore them as the were a strange rosy beige that didn't go with any of my clothes and one of them was even a shade darker than the other! So, cut a long story short, I died them black and thought I would share the before and after pics with you. I love the fact that the stitching still remained a shade lighter so one can still see the logo! What do you ladies think?
    image-1262106050.jpg image-2303961602.jpg image-144997789.jpg
  2. Very impressed :smile:
    You will get much more utility out of black!
  3. Oh my gosh, that looks awesome! I was so skeptical as I read the post, expecting the wost but those look amazing! Way better than before, and I love how the cute little logo shows up more now.

    Congrats, you're going to get a ton of use out of those beauties now! :love:

    I'm still just amazed, what a success story!
  4. Thank you!! I am really surprised how well they turned out as well. At first I had taped the sole and edges to stop them being dyed and once I removed the tape I realised that some of the dye did in fact seep on to the sole and heel, so I thought what the heck, I will just dye it all!
  5. Great job! It looks even better in Black.
  6. Wow! Good job! It looks so much better in black now. Hv loads of fun using your 'newly refurbished' boots. :biggrin:
  7. Wow, looks great!
  8. Omg! Good job. It looks way better in BLK!!
  9. They look great in black. Good job!
  10. awesome job, now they will go with everything :smile:
  11. Good job! It looks great in black!!
  12. Wow! U made a good job!:woohoo: How did u make it?
  13. I bought shoe dye :smile:
  14. You did a great job, You should be proud.

  15. Tats awesome... Congrts