My Chanel Black Clutch

  1. Hi,everyone
    I just got my Chanel clutch from NM quick order.After I open the bag inside had a tissue paper with lipstick on.and I called NM right away and they wavied $35.00 for me.But I feel like this bag had been used and return.Should I return it or keep it because it is the last one for $895.thank you.:confused1:
  2. Does it look used? I'd keep it. For that price, you'd have to buy used and still wouldnt find it that cheap. As long as it looked fresh and new, I'd let it go. Im sure that happens more than we'd like to know. So many fickle buyers.
  3. If u are not too flickle-minded, then keep it shld the clutch looks NEW and doesn't seem worn.
  4. If they credit you 35.00 for lipstick stain, then they must know that it was used. I'd return it.
  5. I would keep it for that price.
  6. I also think this happens a lot more than we realize. A lot of people buy and "use it", then return it. It's a nasty thing, but if the bag looks new and if you can get past the lipstick paper inside it, then keep it.

    I'm always suprised that the SA who accepts the return never looks inside the bag, checking all pockets. I don't know if it's laziness or stupidity on their part :shrugs:
  7. Return it weren't asking for a used handbag.
  8. does it look used?
  9. Hi,everyone
    The black clutch look little bit older than the white (because I also ordered the white one) and the white feel more puffy but my husband said they just the same.
  10. ehm, I don't think most guys will see the differences we women notice (my BF wouldn't! lol) so I would trust your own feeling...
  11. Creepy and skanky come to mind. If it doesn't look new, that tells you something. (It isn't.) Only you can be the judge of whether it's okay or not.
  12. Do you have a NM near you? I would just take it in and ask the Chanel counter to exchange it for a new one. Just show them the receipt w/ your order date, they can tell you just got it, but it's used. They should replace it with a new one I would think.
  13. I would certainly keep it. $895 is a great price considering it's now $1,125. As long as the bag itself is in good condition, you're fine. :yes:
  14. I agree with most of you. If it looks used by any means returned it. but if not for that price I would keep it.
  15. It's a great price! I'd probably keep it, or exchange it, as long as I didn't have to pay more than what you originally paid.