my chanel birthday gift

  1. from my mom. Thanks for all of you for helping me decide on this one. I love it.:heart:

    july22 018.jpg

    july22 026.jpg

    july22 031.jpg
  2. she's lovely! congrats and enjoy! happy birthday!
  3. WOW!!! Very nice! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:yahoo:
  4. Gorgeous! Happy birthday!
  5. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful! Congrats!
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And the gift is gorgeous
  7. Happy Bday, great bag.
  8. Congrats, nice bag!
  9. It's a beauty! Congrats & happy birthday!
  10. OMG, its TDF, you made a fabulous choice! Enjoy and Congrats!
  11. lovely bag!
    happy birthday!!!
  12. Very pretty. One of my fav totes! Congrats and Happy Birthday (& what a nice Mom you have!). :flowers:
  13. So cute! I bet she loved it!
  14. Happy Birthday! I LOVE that bag! Great choice
  15. How beautiful it is!!! Have a great birthday!!:flowers:
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