My Chanel Birthday Cake!

  1. Hi Everyone! I had a surprise party for my 30th birthday this weekend, and below are the photos of my fabulous cake! The second picture is with the candle lit up, and the girl on the stage is the singer from the band, not me :smile:
    cake.jpg cake2.jpg
  2. amazin cake
  3. wow ... that cake is amazing! hope you had a great birthday!!!!
  4. WOW.. the cake is so nice~ Happy Birthday!!!
  5. That is the best cake I have ever seen! Chanel and sugar, what could be better....
  6. Thats cute. Is the whole thing edible? I was just reading this article of a nearby bakery that makes cakes like that (with handbags)
  7. Wow!! Amazing cake! What were the bag and shoe made out of??
  8. OMG, that is a fantastic birthday cake!!! Do you have a white cambon? Happy birthday!!
  9. First, Happy 30th Birthday! Fascinating cake! Who ordered to you? That person must be loves you so much!
  10. Thank you for all your wishes! Yes, the whole thing is edible. My husband threw the party for me with the help of my best friend, so she was the one to order the cake. According to everyone, there was no doubt there had to be a Chanel cake for my birthday! For my friend's bridal shower last year, I threw her a shoe themed shower and her cake was a Manolo box. Same bakery, also fabulous!
  11. Marinkab - that is absolutely amazing. My father owns a bakery, I should give him this idea because that is too cute. Hope you had a lovely birthday!
  12. Haha! It's so cute! I thought the cambon is a real handbag! LOL!
  13. Happy birthday! Amazing cake!
  14. happy birthday!!! what an awesome cake!!
  15. Happy Bday! Your cake is so cute!