My Chanel Bags

  1. Hi everyone, here are some pictures of my Chanel Bags. Enjoy!:smile:


    More scans about The Rock......
  2. Great collection. They are beautiful!!!!!:drool:
  3. beautiful!!!
  4. nice collection
  5. Beautiful! I think I am falling for the rock bag! :smile:
  6. :nuts::heart::drool: They are gorgeous!! Nice collection!!!
  7. Beautiful collection!
  8. Great Bags, I like the engraving on the links for the Rock bag.
  9. nice collection!
  10. What a great collection!
  11. Wonderful collection, thanks for sharing!!
  12. Very pretty collection! Is that a denim bag or backpack on the left?
  13. nice bags...thanks for sharing.
  14. Beautiful collection. Thanks for the pics.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  15. Thanks for sharing. You have some very nice bags!