My chanel bags....

  1. hey guys,

    I'm new to this forum, however, I'm like everyone here addicted to bags especially Chanel....would like to show you my modest collection that I have collected through the years :idea:
  2. wooow

    really love ur bags:love:
    especially the one ur not showing;)
    thanx for sharing..and please buy more:biggrin:
  3. lol good one :smile:

    my mom will kill me if she hears you encouraging me to buy more (though that has never stopped me)

    sadly she doesn't understand my obbession with bags :lol:
  4. What a pretty collection of Chanels! Thanks for posting.
  5. Very nice!!!

  6. Love the red one!
  7. great collection!

    You've been here longer than me!
  8. I love your bags! Especially the red one! I'm dying for a red Chanel!!!
  9. swanky I've registered to this website then but I've stumbled on it just today and realised I was a member :smile:

    Thanks Swanky, Talveria
  10. I love that your collection is so diverse. Very beautiful:biggrin:
  11. hmmmm more of my collection...

    2 favorite bags in this collection is the heart chain bag and the pearl bag...
  12. soo pretty! i love chanel too!!!
  13. Thanks SmoothOprter :shame:
  14. Thanks may3545 :amuse:
  15. love, love love the heart bag! :love:
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