My Chanel bags go marching two by two....

  1. Just saw Ilove's twin reporters (lovely) and was reminded of my collection of Chanel. All the bags I love, I have in two colors...
    I have the beige and black large cambon tote, the beige and black medallion tote, and the black and butterschotch small caviar tote. I also have the gray vintage ligne tote and am awaiting the same one in burgandy. Finally I have the black reporter and just don't feel complete without another reporter (as many of you know)...
    Is this some strange sickness? I afraid that if we have some natural disaster, I need two of every bag so that they will be able to repopulate the supply?:wacko:
  2. Cute!!!:lol: The only bag I have more than one of is my 226 reissues.
  3. I call it the 'BACKUP SYNDROME'.... When you love a bag so much, ya just gotta have a BACKUP in the same style but different color!! :yes:
  4. I have the Chanel classic flap in ivory and in pink. Okay...maybe this is REALLY over-the-top....but speaking of back-up bags...I absolutely loved the small Chanel pink bag with the camelia flower on top that came out last much....that I bought two of the same bag....I figured I loved it so much that way I wouldn't be afraid to actually use one and enjoy is lambskin so it is just SO delicate as my fellow Chanel lovers already know....I have a problem with loving bags so much that I am afraid to use them.....
  5. :roflmfao: You must be my long lost twin....I have thought about getting the exact same bag and same color but have managed to stop myself.... so far....I have the same afraid to use them syndrome ...
  6. Ditto!:yes:
  7. CUTE!
    I thought there was going to be some eye candy in here though! :sad:
  8. That's funny.
  9. Hi Swanky!! You know I'm computer illiterate!:sad:
  10. LOL! Too bad I'm out of the country, I'd have you send them to me! :sad:
  11. LOL. I have twin Caviar Jumbo bags !
  12. two caviar jumbos -- black and white
  13. LOL..I have two chanel re-issues (227) in grey and black.

    Thank goodness it only happen to chanel bag so far..I am afraid Birkin or Kelly will make you want to buy more than one color once you have one already.
  14. That's a good idea!
  15. Two 227s --luck girl!! Don't get me started on Hermes--I'm sure you are right about that!!