My Chanel Bag

  1. Well, I have a chanel bag given to me by my mother.. but I have no idea what it is! I've read several posts to try and figure this out for myself but I have no idea!
    The code on the inside is '1102', the measurements 'roughly' are: 9"x6"x2" approx [Length x Height x Depth] and unfortunately it doesn't come with the hologram card or box etc.

    I have tonnes more pictures on my camera if need be!

    Thanks x
  2. Thanks for the link! How do I know whether my bag is lambskin or caviar leather, and also what does the ID mean? I presume the low number means it's old..

    What's an average price for this piece? Sorry for the bother I just get hooked on things like this and want to know everything about the bag haha :smile:
  3. It looks like yours is Lambskin.. lambskin is really smooth and soft compared to caviar leather.
  4. Great bag, lucky girl!
  5. Exciting :biggrin: Thanks everyone, I just don't know whether to keep it.. I mean is it rare or could I get one whenever?
  6. I'll just put it this way, you will get a good price for this.
    I love the bag, good luck whatever you decide!
  7. What's a good price? :biggrin:
  8. wow nice bag :biggrin:
  9. I'm of the let the market drive the price up school. I think I would start the bidding at $300.00 & let the bidders drive it up. Bet you'll get at least $1250.00, if not slightly more.
  10. This using eBay or a specialist bag auction site? :$ I have NO idea ha x
  11. keep the sell chit chat to a minimum please, we're VERY strict about that here.
    If you want to see prices, check eBay:tup:
  12. Okay sorry :smile:
  13. Sorry.
  14. its a cute bag, I would keep it and enjoy it for a while, not many girls get a free Chanel :smile: